Friday, 31 August 2007

School Concert

How do you like this photo of Jalen in the school concert? Can't see him!? No - I didn't either!!! :) From where I was sitting Jalen was hidden right around the corner behind the curtain and I didn't get to see him at all! I even moved to see if I could take a photo, but still couldn't see him. It sounded good anyway!

The school put on an hour long concert today. Each class performed a different song on the xylophones. They were very impressive. Even the little Prep kids did really well. There were about 70 parents there to watch.

I have kept Noah home from school the last two days. He is fine - just stuffed up in the nose mainly and coughing a bit and tired, so I thought it would be good for him to have a couple of days off to rest. It was nice to take him up to school for an hour today though, so he could listen to the music and see the kids from his class. His aide - Di still has to go to school, even if Noah is sick. She usually just works with the other children in Noah's class or they put her in an another class to work with other children with special needs who don't have a lot of aide time. It was nice as she got to have a cuddle with him during the concert.

Harri was excited to be able to sit with Jalen. He wasn't impressed with the music though as he kept waiting for them to play songs from 'High School Musical' and it just didn't happen. He is obsessed with High School Musical at the moment. So much so that he has to watch it every morning when he wakes up and has to listen to the soundtrack when he goes to bed!

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