Sunday, 26 October 2008

Primary Presentation

Today was our Primary Presentation at church. All year I have been teaching the kids the songs for the presentation. The theme this year is 'I am a Child of God'. Each month is a different theme based around the yearly theme and each month we learn a new song. Today was the big day when the kids presented it to the whole ward (congregation) and also gave talks and scriptures. The whole thing runs for about an hour and is often the highlight of the year, with lots of grandparents and friends coming to see the kids (even from interstate!).

I was very nervous! I think because the music is the main part of the program I was nervous about how they were going to go, but they did a great job (some of them anyway!!!). Harri was a whole other story. Oh boy - I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and at one stage I was laughing so much I was crying! I made up a smiley face sign and kept flashing it up before each song to remind them to smile. Harri kept calling out to the other kids (during the songs!) 'smile Xander, smile Charlotte!'.

I would also give them the thumbs up after a song if they did a really good job. Harri would then give me the thumbs back!! Then half way through the program Harri and Xander decided to have a bit of a wrestle and Xander falls on the ground and Harri goes with him!! The funniest thing was that Harri gives Xander the hand directions to stand up (that I use to get the kids to stand up before each song) - after he had knocked him over! I was wetting myself laughing. Don't these two just look so innocent!!?

Poor Sam (their teacher) was trying desperately to keep order, but it wasn't happening. I kept giving Harri the stare down, but that wasn't working either. At one stage he kept yelling out to me 'I need a drink!'. I knew his part was about to come up, so I told him to wait. His part was a crack up too. The sunbeam class were so cute and had everyone laughing. Sam asks Harri 'Harri, have you seen a temple before' to which Harri replies in this loud voice 'YEP!'. After their part I told him to run out to get a drink. While he was out we sang a song and Harri runs back in full bore and gets back just as we sing the last line and then says really loud 'oh no I missed the song!!'.

Jalen wasn't very impressed with Harri and kept saying when we got home that Harri wasn't very well behaved, and I reminded him that is probably what he was like when he was four too (actually he probably wasn't!). This year was Jordon's last year doing the presentation and then Jalen is the oldest boy in Primary! We are losing all our big kids - its so sad!

After Primary class time we had a little party. The kids had a great time doing a little activity and eating lots of party food.

Our Primary is so small since the boundaries have been changed, but we are so lucky as we have such a lovely group of kids. The big kids help out the little kids so much.

Katie, Emily, Sariah and Jess did a beautiful job of singing 'I love to see the Temple'. It was very special.

At the end of the party the kids were all presented with their photos and were each given a hug from each of the Primary Presidency.

It was a lovely day but I'm glad it's all over. The songs were beautiful, but I'm glad that we can now stop singing them over and over and do some different ones!


  1. Harri sure had me laughing, and I loved how he would come in at the end of the songs in that loud deep raucous voice of his. Wish we could have videod it, it probably would have won a prize in Australia's Funniest Home Videos. Love Mum xxx

  2. Harri is a crack up! He has so much personality. I wonder what Kobe will be like?

  3. the presentation was fantastic lisa...the kids sang really well....harri and xander added some entertainment to the event!

  4. We had ours on Sunday too, but i wish i saw yours, just for the entertainment of Harri!!!
    What a laugh that would have been!!!

  5. LOL - Harri is such a crack up!! I was laughing and I was just reading about it - would have loved to have seen him!! (My favourite is prob the... "I need a drink" bit! How funny!! heheh

  6. It was certainly entertaining & I had tears in my eyes for the whole presentation, not just because of the little antics of small children but the spirit that I felt with songs they sang & their smiles. Well done to all of Primary. LEW kids rock! xx Carol


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