Sunday, 5 October 2008

Engagement Party

Last night Harri, Jay and I went to Brad and Stephanie's engagement party. Kobe wouldn't be very enjoyable at that time at night as he goes to bed quite early (and probably not Noah either), so Aaron stayed home with them as Kobe was in bed before we left.

Gillian introduced us to all of Steph's family, who all seemed lovely (Jade looks really happy about it, hey!? ;)

Brad and Stephanie seem very happy together.

It was nice to catch up with everyone.

Who is that blonde beauty!!? (check out the loser behind them!:)

Just for you - Scott and Collette!

Some of them were cute (little Aiden Reid).

Talking about Nyah being cute here of course, not Jim! :)

Others not so cute! ......(no wonder Scott was released as Bishop!!!).

Jay had fun running around with my new camera again.

Gillian did an amazing job with the food as usual. Aaron was very happy with the spread I brought him home.

Congratulations Brad and Stephanie.


  1. Great photos Lisa, especially the one of both of us. Mind you, I feel I did make the photo that something special!!!!

  2. So nice to finally meet you, Lisa!!
    I didn't realize that Sarah Doran was back in Tassie. Nice to see her smiling face in your pictures!
    And, nice to see all your boys in real life thismorning!!
    See you again soon,

  3. hi lisa
    looks like you had a great party..i just wanted to tell you that you have the best mother going..your mother bore her testimony this morning and it made alot of us have a wonderful mother and you all should be proud of can tell she's been thru alot and she really loves all her children..i think she's done a marvellous job of bringing up 5 kids..and all you guys are stronge in the church and been to the temple..what more can a mother ask i just want to say that you have a beautiful mother..

  4. woohoo finally a picture of YOU on your blog!! yipee! Jess looks terrible in that picture of us...haha...i really like your shot of the cake...very arty!

  5. Hey Lisa,

    Just enjoying catching up on your latest happenings...I don't think I'll ever keep up with my blog. I just posted some stuff then but it took me nearly 5 the way, does your little sis have a blog??


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