Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

I was just going through my photos on my computer that I took on Monday at the Hawthorn do, and came across this funny one that I hadn't really noticed until now. Some of the players tied up one of the Tassie Devil soft toys they were given, to the bottom of the helium balloons and were trying to get it to fly up in the air.

Doesn't matter who they are - boys will always be boys!


  1. But what a sensational bunch of boys!!! They got the idea after seeing all those cats hanging by there neck at the MCG on Saturday

  2. Funny - I just showed Shayne the video I took on Monday, and saw them doing the same thing! Remember poor Alastair was trying to speak, and everyone was laughing at the "kids" on stage, playing with the toys? Extra good shot 'cos it's got Brad in it!

  3. Alistair Clarkson said something pretty funny I recall. Something about sustainability! Do you remember what it was exactly? I hope no one puts it on Youtube to save his embarassment.

  4. Nicki, I think Alastair said "sex" instead of "successful" didn't he?



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