Monday, 13 October 2008

The Best Homework Ever!

Today Jay came home with some homework to do. He often comes home with homework, but today's homework was the best homework ever!! He had the school's digital camera and he had to take 10-15 photos of his family doing 'every day things'.

Everyone in his class gets a turn and they are eventually going to make an individual photostory and are also entering a competition as a class using some of the photos. It all started on the way home from school. Kobe wasn't too pleased to have his photo taken (or be stuck in the car seat!).

Jay had heaps of fun snapping away at his brothers.

He took a few shots and was so happy with them and said 'that's a good one guys!' and gave them a big hug.

He got some good pics.

All night the camera was in my face no matter what I was doing.

I wish I had homework like that when I was at school!


  1. Oh how the tables have turned! The new generation of snaparazzi have begun. Good photos Jalen - I love the close-up of your Mum!

  2. We just learned how to use photostory the other day. I really like it. Very simple and effective.

    That was the basis for the photo thing I just did too. I hope it lasts a while as a classroom resource! You know how powerpoint came and went!

  3. I go away from the internet for a couple of days and come back to a BAZILLION blog posts to catch up on! good one blogger queen! Love the pics Jay snapped of you!

  4. Jay's teacher does some really fun stuff. Looks like Jay is turning into the Paparazzi too. What's he going to be like when he's older!?

  5. I must say I feel really special that my comments aren't coming up as anonymous now!

  6. LOL Noodles.

    Were just getting old Marge, we didnt have those type of cameras back in the day :)

    Nice pics Jay

  7. Now thats some cool homework.
    Great photos Jay.

  8. Ooh, your boys are all so cute!!!! How is Noah doing these days?

  9. cool! that's what his mum does every day basically :)

  10. Is it Punchbowl as a whole or just Jay's teacher in general that does all this innovative stuff? I am very impressed by what his class does. Is he still into the stacker thing?

  11. Simone - Punchbowl overall is an excellent school, but his teacher is awesome. She does some really fun things with the kids and is really into computers etc. He has had a really great year.


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