Friday, 10 October 2008

The Show

Today Harri and Jay went to the show with my Mum and Dad. Although yesterday was the actual show day public holiday, Jay had the option to either go to school or go to the show with them today. You would think it would be an easy choice - but not for Jay as he LOVES school. He finally made up his mind after the athletic carnival at school on Wednesday. Today they were going to be running the 1500 m today and after almost collapsing after the 800m on Wednesday, Jalen decided the show looked like a much better option!

Mum had strict instructions to take photos for me!! She did a great job. They had lots of fun - getting their faces painted.

Saw lots of animals, including a snake. Supposedly there was no way that Harri was going to touch it.

They went on a few different rides including the dodgem cars, the gee whizzer and the giant slide. Harri told us at tea time that he kept going 'aaaaaah' down the slide.

And of course no show is complete without a show bag. The boys both decided before they went that they both wanted the Ben 10 bag.

It was nice that they could both go with Mum and Dad. Noah was at school (working hard, I'm sure!) and Kobe and I had a lovely quiet morning together.


  1. Looks like they had a wonderful time. Their is actually a school holiday for show day? that is so cool.

  2. Looks like it was a nice quiet day to go! We had a student free day, and I thought everyone did, but obviously not. We have the Woolworths Christmas party coming up, so didn't go to the show this year. Last year was great - so much better than I remember it especailly when I worked there in the dust and heat and rain - all in one day! Shhh! Don't mention the Ben 10 bags to Patrick and Lauren!

  3. I'm with Harri on this one. There is no way in the world they'd be getting me to touch that snake.

  4. Heidi - in Australia we have a public holiday for anything and everything!! :)


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