Friday, 17 October 2008

Enjoying Daylight Savings

Oh I LOVE daylight savings! I hate that the boys get to bed a bit later than normal, but it's so nice being able to enjoy the warmer nights.

Tonight we had In Home Support for Noah as we missed out last Thursday because of the Show Day public holiday. We don't usually have it on a Friday night, so we thought we should make the most of not having Noah in his wheelchair in the back of the van, and piled the boys bikes in and went to City Park for tea and a bike ride. The boys hardly get to ride their bikes as there are no good places close by, and we can never get them in the van when we have Noah with us.

We had fish and chips for tea, which Harri was pretty excited about (there goes all that hard work I did at the gym today!!).

Kobe is starting to show a real personality. He LOVES being out and about and seeing things and interacting with different people. He is already starting to get very bored if we are at home for more than a few hours.

The boys rode their bikes over to see the monkeys, and Harri was very upset to hear that they had all been put away for the night. On the way over there Harri rode over the top of a grate and thought it was so hilarious as he couldn't move - his wheels just kept on spinning as his training wheels were stuck.

It was a really nice night after a nice warm, sunny day.


  1. Oh the weather looks beautiful. I must admit that I envy you a bit. We're only in the 60's during the day and close to freezing @ night. Luckily, we have fairly short winters.

  2. What a great afternoon for a picnic tea! Great pics!


    I used to love doing that with my training wheels! I'd pretend it was an exercise bike!


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