Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tas Bash

This morning I rang Noah's (special) school to check that they got the message that Noah isn't able to go to school at the moment. They told me that today The Variety Club Tas Bash cars were going to be at St Giles for a couple of hours, and to come and have a look with the boys if I wanted.

When we got there the participants were having lunch and listening to a speech about how much it costs parents to have a child with special needs. Tas Bash raises heaps of money every year for The Variety Club, and we have been lucky enough to have received thousands of dollars from them for equipment for Noah already.

As soon as we got there two lovely ladies from the Sesame Street car came straight over to us. They had three soft toys - one for each of the boys. They said that they remembered Noah from before, and I also remembered them. Every time we see the Tas Bash cars they always make a special effort to say hi to Noah and another year they gave him a Variety Club teddy bear.

Harri was amazed by all the cars and couldn't work out what they were doing there. I told him that they were driving around to get money for the 'special kids' and Harri was so excited and says 'I'm a special kid!'.

As the cars were driving past us they were throwing all sorts of things out the windows to the boys - stickers, bubbles, soft toys and hats! Harri thought it was great. Harri thought the Guide Dog car was hilarious as it kept spraying out water at everyone!!

The ladies from the Sesame Street car walked us over to Noah's special school as four of the cars were going over there to see the kids. It was so fun seeing the kids faces. Some of them were cracking up laughing at the funny guy with the long hair. He was handing out bubbles to all of them.

Charlotte and Noah were checking out the bumble bee car.

Harri wanted to take an even closer look in the bumble bee car and asked the man if he could get in. He made himself very at home, putting in the seat belt! I think he thought he was going to go with them.

It was a really fun afternoon and so nice to see how these people help out so much. They are so lovely with the kids.


  1. What a great afternoon! Patrick and Lauren love the bash cars. Ilove your new title photos and colours Lisa.

  2. you look REALLY good in that vdub lisa...next family car???

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun, I bet the boys loved the cars.

  4. Harry is really a special kid. Love Grandma xxxx

  5. Are they our tulips? They look familiar. Mum xxx

  6. Looks like good fun! I went through the paper today looking for the Tasbash article. I found it, but it totally should have been you and Noah!! :) You're a famous newspaper celebrity after all.

    LOVE the new header! Very springy!
    Where are you, though!? Need some girl power! :)

  7. Mum - yep they are your tulips. I spotted them on Saturday and thought they would make a nice photo.

  8. Wow I had like 4 posts to catch up on. I always go straight to your blog first.... even before doing my own. I love the way you do your posts. Honestly its like reading a really good book.

  9. That looks like fun! i bet your boys loved it, i know mine would have too!!!

  10. what fun spending time with people who just want to see kids smile! (I like the tulips too.)


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