Thursday, 23 October 2008

Beautiful Day for a Drive

Today Harri, Noah, Kobe and I went to catch up with Lynne and Bec at Lynne's house. She lives at Paper Beach (just past Gravelly Beach) and it was such a sunny, beautiful day for a drive. Noah was yelling the whole way there (probably cranky that he wasn't at school still;), but the beautiful views distracted me from all the crankiness going on in the van.

Lynne's two boys are so cute.

Check out the chubby cheeks between these two!

Annie spent some of the time sleeping in the car and was missing out on all the action with the boys, so Bec decided to wake her up. She was a bit stunned for a bit - probably wondering why there are sooo many boys everywhere she goes! :)

It was great to catch up again. Lynne just lives metres away from the beach, so it feels like you are on holiday when you are out there. In a couple of years all the kids will have fun running around on the beach together.

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  1. Lots of red rosy cheeks in these photo's Lisa...I think there are some teeth coming thru.



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