Sunday, 12 October 2008


Kobe is becoming so interested in all the toys that we have. His room is full of toys that the boys have handed down to him. Whenever he goes to bed he just loves looking at the toys near his cot. This morning Aaron pulled down the bouncing Tigger. Kobe thought it was great! Tigger would jump into him and Kobe would try to eat him!

He's just starting to sit up for a little while on his own. Time goes so fast! He's definitely not a little baby anymore.

If you can be bothered you can check out a video on Aaron's blog. Aaron was telling me I wasn't allowed to blog about it as he was doing it, so I'm just using pics :)


  1. aww too cute, I love tigger to.

  2. NO WAY! Kobes is not sitting up by himself. That has gone way fast. We have a bouncing Tigger too so if Kobe chews him up too much, I have a back-up.

  3. Look at you two fighting over blogging. haha. hectic household

  4. Gorgeous picture of Kobe, but then again he is gorgeous Unbiased grandmother.


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