Friday, 3 October 2008


This morning Harri went off to school, all by himself!! Next year he starts Kinder (whoo hooo!!), so the school is running a few sessions of pre-kinder to get the kids ready for next year. Harri was so excited to go and has been asking me for a week when his Kinder was on. It only runs for an hour and a half, but this morning Harri says 'you drop me off at school, and pick me up at 3 o'clock with Jay and Noah'. He was very disappointed when I told him he was only going for a little while.

He was happy that his friend Sarah was also going to be there. She gave him a letter she typed on the computer which said 'Dear Harri, I rekon you are happy Hawthorn won. Love Sarah'. Harri pretends he is reading it and reads 'Dear Harri, I love you. Love Sarah'! They are so funny together.

It was a toss up of what I should do for the hour and a half - do the usual and go to the gym and waste the time, or have a nice peaceful trip to town to get a few things done. Kobe and I decided the trip into town sounded better than the gym. The time sure did go fast though! It will be nice next year when he is there two full days - he will love it as he has wanted to go all this year, and it will be nice to just spend some time one on one with Kobe.


  1. wow hard to believe he is getting ready to start school.
    Cute picture.

  2. yay School...cute pic! nice girlfriend;)

  3. yeah a big hair cut Chrish! Pip trimmed it up on Monday. It had been a bit wild for too long.

  4. I must be getting old, as it seems as though it was just yesterday that he was born! Imagine how sad and lonely it would be if you didn't have Kobe to keep you company.

  5. You didn't post anything yesterday. I was worried something was wrong!

  6. Ha ha Paige - I thought someone may be worried!! Just nothing to blog about - everything is good here :)


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