Saturday, 25 October 2008

Chloe's 2nd Birthday

Tuesday is Chloe's 2nd birthday, so today was her party at Eden and Steph's house. She looked so cute all dressed up.

The kids had a great time running around and playing together. Simone and Simone also came with their kids and also Suzanne and her girls. Harri didn't even mind that it was all girl toys to play with, and had fun feeding the doll.!

After eating soooo much yummy food, we played pass the parcel. Noah (and I!) were the lucky winners!

The kids all then went outside for a lolly hunt.

Chloe was so lovely with Kobe and Noah. She kept giving them kisses and was talking away to them. It was so nice to see.

She is a lovely big sister to Lachlan.

He is growing up so fast and is so cute, giving lots of smiles now (notice Steph with the bum genius nappy - we sat around comparing and talking about nappy's -the things we love to talk about as Mum's - poo and spew!).

Chloe got some lovely presents. Harri was very jealous of her shopping trolley that she got.

Steph made a great Nemo cake. Chloe watches Nemo over and over again, so it was the perfect cake for her.


  1. Oh, I was going to pop over for a little while but we had Poppy's birthday. Looks like fun though. Chloe's so cute and she knows it hey?! :P Oh, that cake looks SO good!

  2. Chloe looks gorgeous, I love her outfit. The cake is fantastic.

  3. Looks like fun. Glad their is someone to keep me uptodate with family happenings.

    How could their be pass the parcel without the music man though? hmm

  4. Chloe sure is cute,and I think red is her colour. It was a fun day,and it was nice seeing all the kids have fun together.She really is a very affectionate little lady. Love Mum xxx

  5. Looks like you all had a great time at the party. Chloe is a doll, so cute.

  6. I'm with Chrish, thank goodness you are here for all of us out of the loop!!!!! Steph actually called to tell me to look at your blog for a party update as you are the only Chloe and Lachlan growth record! Thanks again. Also I think it is great that your boys have so many female cousins to bring in the girly side.

  7. Vienna - Eden and Steph are hanging out to get the net on!! Will be nice when they can start blogging again - especially so you can keep up with them and the kids more.


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