Saturday, 18 October 2008

Family BBQ

After the footy match today, we thought we should take the opportunity to have a family catch up as it has been a while. The boys love going out to Mum and Dad's and seeing all their cousins and Uncles and Aunties. They talked Grandpa into putting the hose onto the slide, so they could have fun sliding down it. Don't you love Dad's apron! :)

Grandpa was kept very busy entertaining all the grandkids outside.

Kobe had lots of attention from all the girls.

Jay seems so much older than all the other kids, as Noah is the next oldest, but seems so much younger. He is very patient with his little cousins though and helped push them around on the bikes.

Lachlan is still so tiny, but growing up so fast - doing lots of smiling and looking around at everything.

Lachlan looks especially small compared to Kobe who is only about 7 weeks older.

Little Alex was so cute giggling at me while I was tickling him. Nicki had fun playing with my camera, so these shots are just for you Nicki :)


  1. Looks like you guys all had fun without me. haha.

    There's so many lil kids running round.

    Dad would have been loving his apron

  2. Wow, look at all those kids, too cute.
    Looks like you all had a fun day.

  3. That photo of you and Kobe is so cute! However, it looks like he has a massive bum with your knee bent up like that. :)


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