Thursday, 16 October 2008

Rescue Me!

With the announcement of Kevin's rescue package for the Australian Economy, Aaron and I were talking last night about different options that we have at the moment. We eventually want to buy our own home, and were talking last night about the option of Eden building us a house, while Kevin (Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd for those overseas who don't have a clue who I'm talking about!) is being very generous.

Jay and Harri got very excited when they heard us talking about the option of Eden building us a house, and all night Jay was saying 'can he build us a play room - with a tunnel that goes outside to the backyard and we could also have a pool!'. Keep dreaming Jay!!!

Last week Jay bought a Nintendo magazine with his pocket money. In it was an ad for wall stick ons of Super Mario. Jay was so excited and asked if one day they could have them on their wall in their bedroom. I told him that he could when we got our own house so ever since then the boys keep asking when we are going to get our own house.

This morning I had a meeting at school with the Principal and Assistant Principal to talk about what Noah will be doing next year. All through the meeting Harri is being an absolute pain. He was grizzling and crying and when I asked him what was wrong he says 'I want to buy a house!'. I cracked up laughing and told them that we were talking last night about the rescue package and Harri just thinks that we are going to go out and buy a house - like today!

I told Harri that we couldn't go and buy a house today and he starts absolutely bawling and then says 'Uncle Eden will come to our house today and build us a house!'. Oh dear!! If only it was so easy.


  1. Can Uncle Eden come and build me a house too please!!!

  2. Isn't it fantastic? I'm not keen on Kevin, but this is great! I hope you get the chance to take advantage of it.

  3. Harri is just too funny, sure wish it was that easy.

  4. Bring on the money!

  5. That's so funny.

    K-Rudd is throwing the money around, hey? I wonder how he feels about throwing some at students??

    I told Anna that I was trying to figure out a way to have a baby by Christmas ;)

  6. Sure is a good time to build! If only we could buy or build a house in a jiffy it would be wonderful.

  7. That's so funny, I love reading about the funny things your boys say and do!!


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