Friday, 24 October 2008

Phil and Suzy Show

Noah is still home from school, but his special school rang during the week to invite him and the boys to come along to a performance that was going to be on today.

The school is literally about 200 metres from our house, so I thought rather than get them all loaded into the van (which is a drama in itself!) we would walk. I put Kobe in the pram (hoping he may fall asleep during the show) and asked Harri to push. Talk about a drama! Every time he would hit a slope the pram would go up on one wheel, and Harri would be screaming. I couldn't stop laughing and ended up pushing the pram and wheelchair together. The cars going past sure had a good look! :)

The show was really great. It was the Phil and Suzy Show. They make CDs for children and are from Victoria I think. They were very funny. St George's school also came over (children with disabilities who are more able - i.e. not in wheelchairs) and they loved it. They were laughing their heads off the whole time. Harri saw a boy with Downs Syndrome and said 'there's Daniel!'. I couldn't work out why he said it until later, and then remembered Daniel that we know from the School Holiday Program who also has Downs.

Phil was very amusing. He turned into the 'crazy chorister' and had the kids in stitches.

When he was dressed as 'the crazy choristor' Harri asks 'where's Dr Phil?'. I couldn't stop laughing as anyone who is named Phil is straight away 'Dr Phil'! (can you tell what I watch during the day!!).

There was lots of singing and dancing. All the kids in wheelchairs were danced around by their teachers and aides. Harri was so good with Noah and got up and danced him around too. It was so nice to see as he doesn't spend a lot of time with Noah, but he was excited to do it when he saw everyone else doing it too.

All the kids also got to have a turn of playing some instruments.

Lucky I took the pram as Kobe did end up falling asleep!

It was a great show and I loved seeing how much the kids loved it. It made me really think that I would love working with special needs kids when I finally go back to paid work.


  1. I love Suzie and Phil. I have a few of their CD's somewhere that the kids love. Did they do Be an action leader song? We love that one.

  2. They did do that song Angela. They got 4 kids up from St George's and they were so cute doing different actions and were so excited about it. I saw Amelia - she was loving it and so was Charlotte.

  3. Aww! That looks like so much fun!

    Good to see that Noah and Harri are getting along! :)

    Let me just double check that I am definitely posting from MY BLOG! Ha.

  4. Laughed out loud when I read about Harri and the pram. He is such a drama KING !!! Love Mum. Is that sale still on at Coles? Are there many containers left? How much did they cost?

  5. that looks like so much fun, love the pic of Harri dancing with Noah.


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