Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pop's Gamble

Today in The Examiner there was an article about Nan and Pop's 65th wedding anniversary (in the Meander Valley section). Pop will be so pleased as on the day of their anniversary he called me over and had tears in his eyes, and asked me how much it would cost to put a photo of him and Nan in the newspaper. I told him that I heard something was being organised and he was really happy about it.


  1. What a star your Pop has been this year Lisa! What an amazing story, and how fantastic for your boys to still have their Great Grandparents in their lives.

  2. I was just at my grandparents' house and saw your grandparents in the paper! I rushed home to leave you a comment! :)
    Yay! That is so lovely

  3. So what did the article say then? My eye sight is getting a little old to read that page.

    I just finished watch the Dvd you put together, it was awesome, you do good work Marge :)

    Imagine 1 year let alone 65 years with one person

  4. Chrish - click on the pic and it will open up larger.

  5. Aren't Great Grandparents the BEST!!! Yours are just gorgeous!!!


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