Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Athletic Carnival

This morning Harri, Kobe and I braved the cold to go and watch Jalen in his athletics carnival. It was absolutely freezing - I wish Spring would just hit and stay instead of teasing us with one warm day and then another week of freezing wind.

Jalen isn't very athletic and did okay in the 100 m. I don't even know what position he got, but was just glad that he tried hard. It was good that for the smaller races they put them into divisions as it made him feel like he had more of a chance.

He then went in the 800m which was all the grade 3 boys together. He totally surprised me with as he was up with the main pack for a long time. He obviously does better with longer distances.

Seems it was just a little bit too long for him though as he collapsed at the end and then burst into tears! He said he felt like 'spewing' so I told him to and sit down and have a drink. Instead he decides that a Milky Way looked better! Guess he had to get his energy up for the 200 m.

It was so cold and the poor kids were all freezing in their shorts, and were trying to keep warm in between races.

Harri was a total pain to start with - grizzling as he wanted to run with the kids as well. He just can't understand why he can't do everything that Jay gets to do. He is dying to get to school next year.

For a little while he was happy to cheer Jay's team on, but gave up on that pretty quickly.

I remembered that I keep my new digital camera in the nappy bag all the time, so I pulled it out for him and let him go for it. It kept him entertained for the next hour and a half. He was snapping away at all of Jay's friends - taking after his Mum already!

Here are some of the pics he took. Check out the finger over the lense - classic!

Kobe was very good and had lots of cuddles with different people including teachers. Just for you Bec - Miss Wells trying to look professional with her headset!

Jay did great in the 200m coming second! He was very proud of himself.

Since Jay has come home from school he was very happy to show me another 2nd ribbon that he won in the relay. He was so excited to be chosen to go in the relay and very proud to show off another ribbon.


  1. Way to go Jay!!!
    Brrr, it looks cold

  2. Hooly Dooly. I was glad to be in bed until.. Hmmmmm. 11 oclock, this morning.
    I mean, you told me to enjoy being a lazy student, so, if you say so!
    It was warmer by the time I got up, it seems.

    Well done to Jay. :)

    My grade threes this year either HATED running and would sook the whole way around, or they LOVED it and would beg me to let them do one more lap around the school.

  3. Well done Jalen - great running style you've got there. Patrick and Lauren's carnivals are in a couple of weeks - probably get burnt to a crisp - silly weather!

  4. We had our carnival yesterday and today also...oh so cold! The teachers beat the students in the teacher v student relay though...yay...glad Harri got some snaps of you!!

  5. Nice job Jay on the second place ribbons, I think I still have mine lying round somewhere.

    Kobe has a cute smile in one of them and Harri's pics are outclassing mine already.


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