Saturday, 18 October 2008

Footy Match

A couple of months ago some of the guys from church started to talk about having a footy match between the different wards. It grew to an unofficial church activity with the two Launceston Wards V Devonport and Deloraine Wards.

Deloraine and Devonport Wards
(rumor has it that their unofficial name was the 'Demons'!)

Launceston East and Launceston West Wards
(their unofficial name was the 'Saints'!)

How scary do these guys look! ;)

Aaron wasn't too keen on playing at first as it is known that things can get quite 'rough' at these types of matches, so he volunteered to be one of the umpires. He didn't dress up as a white maggott, but was proudly wearing the brown and gold instead.

The game started off with a prayer, which was cool to see out in the middle of the ground.

The opening bounce

It had the usual ups and downs, with lots of action.

Aaron decided after the first quarter that he would've much rather be playing, so Jared took over the umpiring duties in the last half.

It also had the usual injuries. I'm so glad that my boys don't play football! Joe did his knee, and poor Tim got very badly concussed and had to go to hospital to get checked out.

It was such a beautiful day, with the clouds clearing up and it coming out quite hot (especially for Deloraine!). All the women and kids has a lovely time sitting around catching up and watching the game.

The game ended up with Launceston Wards winning - 93 to 56.


  1. Looks like a great day of fun. I was telling Dave about the game today and he goes, we'll have to come down next year and I can be adopted into Deloraine.

    The fame of the game is spreading

    The D's mustn't have had enough pluggers to fill the goal square hey.

    Brown and yellow Maggot instead, maybe a lil worse than the white maggot

  2. some more pics just loaded properly, Eden and Aaron with the ball, looks like Aaron had Dweedles measure though.

    Simone is looking huge

  3. Yes, such a fun day indeed.

    It's funny how even with so many places to run and play, kids always end up playing in the car!

    Tell Noah thanks for keeping me and Missy company when everyone except your mum bailed from our rugs!

  4. Just a little note for Chrish. It's not a compliment for a woman to be told she looks huge! Great shots, I'll have to steal them from you soon. It was a good day. Looks like it's started a tradition.

  5. ha ha - yeah Chrish! True - Simone won't like that comment, and I'm surprised you could even pick her out in that pic!

    Alison - glad Noah kept you company! I was tied up most of the game taking pics and socialising as usual. Noah must've been bored with your company though as he did sleep most of the time! :) Nice to see you there.

  6. Looks like you all had fun! Are Ben and Chantelle Fell still in Launi? I thought I saw him in one of the pictures...not clear though.

  7. Simone was a compliment of course :) nothing bad intended. haha

  8. Hi Bianca
    Yes - Ben and Chantelle are still here, but I think they are going back to QLD soon.

  9. hmm i think our guys look more 'scared' than 'scary'...great shots lisa!


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