Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Nikon Moment

I always remember the old ad on TV where it would say something about a 'Kodak moment' (ie. time to pull out the camera). In our house we have lots of Nikon moments. I just can't help pulling my camera out, sometimes many times a day. It seems like I do it even more so, now that we have a baby.

I just keep thinking they will be nice to look back on, in years to come. I figure if people get sick of seeing them then they won't check out the blog, but its a nice record for us to have as a family. I have to get better at getting my photos developed. I finally got the best of the last 3 months developed the other day, and now I have to get organised and put them in an album. As for scrapbooking them - maybe in 20 years or so they may get done!
These were taken last Saturday.


  1. They are adorbale photo's Lisa. A Special Daddy and Kobe Nikon moment... I am very slack with getting my digital photos developed also - not like the olden days(now I sound old) as soon as the film was finished it was straight down to get it developed.


  2. That bottom one is a "Smile 2009" finalist!!! Good on Kobe for cheering aaron up now there's no footy:(

  3. those pictures are soooo cute

  4. oh he is so photogenic - Kobe not aaron!

  5. You are getting so good with this photography. Really catching the moment on Kobe's face.

  6. Ha ha! You certainly do have a lot of Nikon moments!

  7. Way too cute.
    I'm gonna buy a digital SLR after Christmas. I can't wait.

    Yes, Movie World is so good :)
    I definitely preferred it to Dream World.

    Haha, really, you should have seen me on Sunday RIGHT before we met. It went a little something like this.

    Anna: (talking about something I can't remember)
    Me: *stops* *acts as though I've just seen a movie star* Anna!
    Anna: What?
    Me: Anna! I'm star struck!
    Anna: What? *sees you* Oh!! *laughs* Have you met Lisa before?
    Me: NO! Oh my gosh.
    Anna: Come on, let's introduce you.
    Me: Oh my gosh. *laughs*

    You know the rest.
    I guess that's what happens when someone reads your blog for 5 months before she ever meets you! :) And now you think I'm a freak. Great. :)

  8. I don't get sick of seeing that cute face on your blog! (I am talking about Kobe, not your husband ;))


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