Friday, 24 October 2008

Kobe's First Solids

Kobe will be 5 months in a week or so, and I remember being told to wait with Harri till he was 6 months till we started solids, but I think Kobe is really ready to go now.

He has been so interested in watching us eat lately and trying to grab our food. Jay started at 4 months, so we thought we would try him tonight to see what he thought. He was so into it - he kept grabbing my hands and pushing it towards his mouth to get it in faster! Check him out!


  1. I love him grabbing your hands to get more food in! He'll be eating fish and chips in the park in no time!

  2. Love your new heading, if that is what you call it. Love Mum xxx

  3. Kobe is sure enjoying his food

  4. Kobe is a goer for the food. Pity he isn't around the same age as Alex, so Alex could of learnt from his him, when he first started solids.


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