Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Things We Get Excited About!

While Jay was training before basketball tonight I popped over to Coles to grab a few things. On one of the ends they had a heap of Decor storage containers for half price. Supposedly it was in the catalogue, but I missed it.

For ages I have been coveting the tupperware pantry containers. I recall seeing Toni and Hannah's pantry shelves with lots of beautiful tupperware containers with all their food all organised and looking beautiful. For years I have wished our pantry was as organised. Even when Becky was selling tupperware and offering me a discount, I still couldn't justify spending so much money on the containers though. I'm not the kind of person that can just buy one or two things and then get more later - its either now or never!

However I thought that I should grab a few containers as they were so cheap and start organising my pantry a bit more. When I picked up Aaron from work I was excited to show him what I had got. When we got home I started to put some of our food in the containers and the bug hit me!! I was so excited that they looked so nice, that I just had to go back and get some more! I just can't leave such a good bargain in the shop - especially when I have been wanting to get organised for so long.

It started off as 4 containers, and it has ended up with this!! No wonder I am blogging at 11 pm - all night was spent taking everything out of their old containers and putting them into the new ones.

The funniest thing though was that when I went back to Coles to stock up on more I saw the Bailey's van in the car park. Anyone who knows Kylie, knows that she is the shopping queen! She loves a good bargain. I go straight to the section where the containers were and of course Kylie and Elise are there with their trolley full of containers! She had also bought some earlier (supposedly a trolley load!) and had come back for more too! I couldn't stop laughing as she was as excited as me!!

We were ooohing and aaahing over all the different size containers and talking about what we could put into which container. I think we both just about bought out the shop, but I'm so happy to finally have my pantry organised - only took me 13 years! At least it gave Aaron some entertainment for the night - he couldn't stop laughing at me as I kept getting so excited saying 'I'm pumped!'. The silly things we get excited about!


  1. I am so jealous, it looks great.

  2. Lisa, I think you've found your true calling! You could be a "declutterer" like on Oprah, and come and do all our pantries!!!

  3. It looks awesome Lisa!
    Last year there were so many tupperware parties in Hobart that I decided to buy one modular mate container at each party (I felt I wasn't spending as much money that way!) Now I've ended with a lovely pantry, so I can totally understand your excitment!! And it makes you feel so organised!!

  4. It looks great Lisa!
    And i can just see Kylie there grabbing a bargain,hee!hee!
    Nothing like being organised!

  5. Lisa it looks so organized, love it.

  6. Love the organisation that's going on! Maybe you could come and do mine. I have slowly been buying tupperware modula mates over the past few months, but just when you think you have it worked out I end up needing some ingredient that I wouldn't normally buy and then have more packages left in the cupboard.

  7. look out it's the simone you'll get a labeler and label everything in sight!

  8. So many blogs that I had to read today. I can see you getting excited over containers. haha

  9. Oooh I am seriously tempted. Now the next step is to face all the canned food labels in the one direction. Collette, you loved it when I unpacked your kitchen in your new house. :)

  10. Just catching up on your blog now LIsa (I've been a little busy lately!) Pantry looks fantastic - I am very impressed! However I would have liked to have seen a photo of your TROLLEY going through the checkout!!!! lol Its great that you could go and get them all at once... it took me a while to get all mine - but like Nik said, there were alot of ppl selling tupperware down here last year so that made it a little easier!! I still stand in my pantry just admiring it all sometimes!! hehehe - Oh the things we get excited about!!! xx


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