Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Gyming It

Every weekday and some Saturday mornings, my usual routine is to drop the boys at school and then head straight to the gym (when Noah is well). I thought I would be sick of it by now, but a year after joining Pycsam, I'm loving it more than ever. It does help when you have friends to meet there every morning.

Sometimes when I'm really run down or tired I think I will give the gym a miss, and try to rest up instead. This happened a couple of months ago when I was just feeling really tired all the time and had no energy. I didn't go to the gym for two days and by the second day I couldn't stand it. I hated the way I felt - even more tired and stressed than before, and I knew I had to get back there. Exercising is so addictive and gives me a lot more energy to deal with every day life.

I love that the gym has awesome trainers who motivate you and make it fun, and they are always adding in new classes and cool things liked themed classes. They now run 'virtual classes' which are on all the time, so if you miss a live class with a trainer up the front, you can just go into class and join in on the virtual class that has been recorded before.

Today Bonnie, Lisa and I did virtual spin, but I don't think they realised you are actually supposed to be on the bikes to get a workout! ;) We were the only ones in the room, so I knew it would be safe to take my camera in and not look like a total goose! :)

I had to show them how it was done!

Lisa is my inspiration. She's a machine at the gym at the moment.

The other great thing about going to the gym every day is that Kobe also loves it. The child care is awesome with lots of fun things to do including craft activities, games and stories. He LOVES seeing Eden there every day. One day she wasn't there and he puts his hands up in the air like 'where's Eden!?'. As soon as they see each other, they run up to each other and go off playing in the little kitchen corner.

Oh how nice would it be to have the trouble I had back in high school and not be able to put on weight! If only I stopped eating so much chocolate, I would be a skinny minny like I was back then with all this gyming I do :)


  1. Tim Tams + the gym = a HAPPY life. :) I'm grateful for my Muay Thai Class. It helps me feel the same way. I'm glad you have fun friends to do it with. (I have to work out mostly with sweaty men)

  2. MEEE!! thats what Eden said.. Can you do another blog in 3 months time when Kellie will be HUGE and I
    will be a bit skinner!!!!

  3. a bit skinner... you know what i mean ;)

  4. here here to that last comment. So col that you have some good friends to do it with.

  5. I am loving these posts about the everyday things you do- even though i already know it some people dont :)

    I love the carpe diem sign- SUPER cool! Oh you make me miss pycsam sooo much!! Think i will be back there VERY soon! i am going through withdrawels!

  6. Yep Lisa -it's a deal although you are already looking so skinny!

  7. Still not convinced!
    And Lisa W I know I don't know you but I was thinking how fantastic you look!

  8. yes she DOES doesn't she!! She's an inspiration. I need to have some of her (and your!) will power Kylie. She's doing awesome. I think I'll still get you there sometime Kylie - it IS heaps of fun :)

  9. I'm thinking you must be getting commission! Sorry but i can't help you with that!
    One of the "You might also like" photos is of you on "D Day" with Kobe - funny after your pregnancy dream!


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