Monday, 12 July 2010

The 'Real' Noah

Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) I hear 'funny' comments about Noah. I know people don't mean anything by it and it actually makes me laugh more than anything. Things like 'he'd be a really handsome boy if he didn't have his problems'. Isn't he handsome anyway!? :)

A month ago someone said 'he'd be really tall wouldn't he Lisa!?'. Um yeah - he would actually be really tall and I'm not sure how not standing on his own two feet makes him any shorter?

Today Noah came home from school with some work they had been doing on themselves. They had traced around his body and stuck photos of us all over it. Aaron was about to put it away when I told him to put it up next to the boys to see how tall he is standing up. Harri cracked me up as he came out with one of the 'funny' comments we hear all the time. He said 'this is the real Noah'.

The real Noah is VERY cranky today and got sent home from school early because he was so cranky. Hopefully the real Noah will be a bit happier tomorrow, just like his little(st) brother :)


  1. People say insensitive things don't they? I love Kobe's face in that last photo!

  2. i love that pic with all the boys.... Noah really is tall isnt he...we only see him in his chair... so we dont realize how tall he is....

  3. I'm sure people often say really insensitive things, but don't you think Harri's comment demonstrates his understanding that Noah's disability is just for this life?

    I don't want to sound patronising, or minimise the impact of raising a seriously disabled child, but I look forward to resurrection day when we are each healed of our physical imperfections, and reveal our real selves. The real Libby won't have asthma or dodgy hormones, the real Noah won't need a wheelchair. I'm not sure that Harri's statement is one of "those funny comments" I think it's pretty deep!

  4. That's very true Libby and a lovely way to look at it as it's so true.

    Just so everyone knows - I don't get offended by these comments - I just think they are funny and those who said these comments meant nothing by them and don't read my blog anyway which is why I wasn't worried about putting it on here.

  5. he he, love it. What a cheeky Kobe face. Cranky little one here too... had me up at 2am changing an imaginary poo!

  6. LAUGHING at your pictures today. What a great idea. I would get those comments a LOT! One of my favorites though...(we got this one a lot from little kids passing by)..."Mommy, why is his brains on the OUTSIDE of his head?" Good times. :)

  7. What is this "he WOULD be handsome" business anyway?? He clearly already is! His special spirit and light that shines through makes him one of the most handsome little boys i know! He IS very tall!!
    And Kobe is super cheeky- that's the face he pulls at me when he sees me now!

  8. I think he's even taller than that cardboard cutout. I had Jay lay down next to him and they're almost same.

    He's a very good looking kid. They all are, but Noah has the best hair :)


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