Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Step

I love going to my new gym Pycsam. The best thing is that there are lots of us from church and friends from our old gym, who go to classes together every morning. It's lots of fun meeting up for an hour of exercise and a catch up, while the kids all play together.

The gym is the newest one in Launceston and has been having lots of fun themed classes since it has opened. This week is all their Christmas themed classes. One of my favourite classes is Step and we have an awesome instructor - Alma who is great at it and makes it lots of fun.

We were all encouraged to dress up and were given a raffle ticket when we came in, to hopefully win a prize at the end. One of the child care workers couldn't come to class as she had to work (looking after our kids!) so she handed her dress onto Simone. Doesn't she look festive! I think the sequins were digging in a bit.

Last week Alma organised for Sarah to join her up on stage for a couple of tracks during the class. She once again did her favourite track 'the way you make me feel'.

She also arranged for a few other special guests to get up on stage with her, and then for the last two tracks she asked if anyone else wanted to get up. A couple of people yelled out my name and said 'the papparrazi' should get up. I wasn't keen until Alma kept asking if anyone wanted to get up and no one replied, so I said I would do it. I coaxed Simone to come up on stage with me so I didn't feel like a total idiot on my own. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but is a lot harder following her while standing right next to her, rather than watching from down below.

She got all her 'special guests' up on stage for the cool down at the end. Looks like we were doing the YMCA!

It was heaps of fun. I missed out on the prize at the end but as I told Alma 'my prize is exercise'.

I'll keep telling myself that while Bonnie is eating her box of truffles :)


  1. get up there scares me alot!!! you girls are alot braver than me.. nice pig-tails sarah..

  2. This lookes AWESOME! I am SO jealous lol. I am cracking up at Sarah- she looks hilarious!!

  3. The gym is supposed to be painful and hard not enjoyable! stop enjoying yourself everyone! it stunts weight loss!

  4. He he, that was the best hour of exercise I've ever had.

  5. that's awesome.... what a gym! looks and sounds as if you had a great time- even though you didn't win the prize!
    love Simone's sequin dress :)


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