Sunday, 18 July 2010

In Training

The past year Harri has really started getting interested in the footy. He watches most of the games, and knows everything that is going on. He reads the newspaper all weekend to see what's going on in the footy and has a league ladder where he changes the teams around to match the ladder after every game.

He comes home from school dirty every day as he has been playing football all recess and lunch with the 'big kids' and Jalen often comes home upset as they have made comments that 'your brother is better at footy than you!' to him (which is actually true!).

As if it wasn't enough to play footy all day, he then spends hours upon hours in the hallway just kicking his little footy around to himself. All you hear all night and weekend long is him kicking the football into the door or wall (lucky it is a soft one!) as he practices his kicking and marking by himself. He is left handed, and therefore kicks it his left foot and gets really excited when he kicks well with his right, and comes and tells us about it.

This is typical Harri any free time he has - doing this over, and over and over again...until I tell him I've had enough of the banging :)


  1. Oh he is so funny! That would drive me crazy with the banging all the time! =P

  2. It drives me nuts, but then again when he is playing for the Hawks, we will get free tickets maybe.
    Love Mum.

  3. You are a good mum for letting him do that in the house. :) Do you guys have this sport in your high schools?

  4. Hi Becky - yes they play footy in Primary (elementary) and High School here. Aaron actually coaches his junior football team at school. Last year he coached the seniors and they won the high school premiership, so he's hoping to do the same with the Junior's this year :)

  5. I remember Harri came up to me one afternoon and the conversation went like this:

    "Alison, when you're done, can we play that number game"
    "What number game?"
    "The number game"
    "Which one, Haz?"
    "The one where you have to get the numbers. You pick a number and we play"
    "Hmmmmm. I don't quite know which game you're talking about"
    "The game where you pick a number and the first one to get to that number is the winner"
    "You know! YOU pick a number of goals and then we play with the footy"

    So basically, he literally meant YOU (as in, me) pick the number (where I compromise depending on how much time I have/can be bothered) and we play football until, say, 5 goals.

    I miss them very much.


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