Monday, 26 July 2010

Skyping Alison

Last night we had lots of fun Skyping Alison and Joey in New Jersey. Alison is one of Noah's carers who recently met Joey, and since has been back and forth to America to visit him. We have missed her, but are happy that she has met someone as lovely as Joey.

We hadn't spoken to Joey until last night, so I had to ask him the hard questions...I was cracking myself up as you can hear (it's awful when I hear my own voice and laugh!).

Alison, we know you are sad you will be leaving Joey very soon, but we are looking forward to seeing you. We hope you lifted some weights while you were over there, as Noah is even heavier than when you left :)


  1. Poor Joey - worse than "Meet the Parents" is "Meet the Kings"!

  2. Poor Joseph!

    My mum saw the blog and was like "EVEN I didn't do THAT!"

    You are all sooo hilarious :P

  3. I know your Mum WANTED to do it though :) I just did it for her :)

  4. I'm LAUGHING!!! Poor Joey is RIGHT!


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