Sunday, 11 July 2010

Game On 2.0

Yesterday we went to check out the new world first exhibition at the museum - Game On 2.0. It just opened up last weekend and the boys had been begging us ever since to take them.

It has over 120 playable electronic games and tracks video games from the earliest computer games to the arcade era to the games we have today including the Wii etc.

Aaron and I had a go in the virtusphere where you can be a part of the game as it's 3D and also allows you to walk etc in it as you play the game, but we were both disappointed in it, but it was still good to try. It looked a lot more impressive than it actually was. Luckily we got there as soon as it opened and only had a 10 minute wait to try it. Others were told to come back in 45 mins to have a turn.

Everytime Kobe would spot a Wii game he would run and grab the controllers and want to play it - funny since that is what we have at home and he can play it any day he likes!

He also didn't mind a bit of car racing with Dad.

and he was also keen on Donkey Kong which Aaron wanted to take home with us :)

We ran into Lara Croft and was amazed as to how much I looked like her! ;)

Jay, Harri and Aaron loved it and could've stayed for hours and hours, but Kobe and I were over it after an hour or so. Kobe kept wanting to go out to the Phenomena Factory, so we ended up going out there together and having some fun.

The boys are already begging to go back, so I told them Aaron can take them back again once before it closes down. It seems quite expensive to get into, but really you get your moneys worth if you love gaming as you can play on any game you want, all day long for the cost to get in. I was really glad we went early as it wasn't too busy but was starting to get busy when we left at lunch time. the boys were begging me to take them back there yesterday afternoon before it shut as we could go back as much as we wanted in the one day.

Next time I think Kobe and I will stay home though - I thought it was good but gaming just isn't my thing.


  1. We want to go there too. Have you seen the competition in the paper for a play off at Game On 2.0 against 2 Hawks players on Friday between 1 and 3pm? I thought of Aaron when I read it! Let me know if he could go and we'll enter from all our papers for him!

  2. You have a wild imagination Lisa!!
    Lara Croft?? Phhftt!!
    Love Mum.

  3. This looked great! I remember some of those classic games!!! A gamers dream come true I'm sure!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip Lisa, we were wondering about it. So what is the age group for paying? Just wondering about Will.

  5. I couldn't tell the difference between you and Lara Croft!!


  6. oh Kylie - Aaron would love that and said he's starting to feel a bit sick and may have to have Friday off! ;) Thanks, but unfortunately he won't be able to do it even if he could, but I think YOU should! :)

  7. Oh - didn't I mention that? Brad and Hodgey asked for me. I had to juggle a few things but I'll be there:)

  8. cool, my girls would love it. How much was it? I get so sleepy at museums, the strolling around!!! But I like them!

  9. I'm with you....gaming isn't my thing either although it looks like a fun place to hang for a day. Who had Noah?

  10. It looks fun. I had a Donkey Kong exactly like that as a kid! We owned a shop when I was a kid too and we had all those table games and pin ball and I used to play them a lot, but other than a trip down memory lane I don't think I would enjoy it. Chris of course is dying to go :)

  11. Cool pics!
    Oooh like i said; which one is Lara Croft!!??? You are looking pretty hot there! ;)

  12. Ange - I'm not sure what age you have to pay for but I think you would have to probably pay for Will. We didn't have to pay for Kobe and he is 2.

    Chels it is $15 for adults or $12 for kids or $45 for a family of two adults and two kids.

    Becky - my Mum stayed the night before so we could go to the youth activity so we left Noah with her since he was doing his usual thing sleeping the morning away.


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