Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Morning Rush

Mornings are always a rush to get the boys off to school on time, to get the house looking half decent, so I don't come home to a bomb, and to get to the gym in time for class. It takes even longer to get ready now that Noah has another second skin body suit to put on before he gets dressed. We were so lucky to get the funding for it again. The lady who came down from Sydney to fit it on Noah, told me that she only flew down to see Noah and one other child in Launceston as there were others who had applied for the funding, but it wasn't approved. We are very lucky to have an awesome physio who really pushes for the things that Noah needs.

It usually takes around 30-45 minutes getting Noah ready. It usually takes a good 15 minutes just to get him to empty his bladder properly, and then he needs to have his morning puffer, his mouth cleaned, his morning meds and feed, to get his body suit on, to get dressed and then in his wheelchair before the bus arrives. Luckily Jay and Harri have a pretty good morning routine and they know what needs to be done to get ready for school, while I'm busy with Noah.
It's always nice getting home later in the day and seeing that they remembered to empty the dishwasher before school. Cleaning their room though is another story! :)

I love Monday to Wednesday mornings as the bus comes to pick Noah up. It saves me having to get him in and out of the van myself and makes me get ready faster, as I know that I need to be ready before they get here.

Kobe loves coming out to the bus each morning and waving goodbye to Noah. It won't be long till he's at school too. I told him the other day that he's not allowed to go to school, but has to stay home with me all the time as he's my little mate - I actually love having Kobe with me as he keeps me company during the day - not to say I don't enjoy those quiet two or three hours when he's having a nap :)


  1. thats great about the suit! man i am glad school hasn't started in our home yet! you must have been so tired when you were pregnant!

  2. I was actually thinking today how clean the boys room was. I hope you didn't make them clean it for my benefit. ;) I was checking out Noah's second skin drying on the table. I'm so glad you got the funding.

  3. Lisa- that is NOT what you usually wear when you are off to the gym!! =P
    I am so glad that you got the funding for the second skin :)
    And i am loving all this blogging you are doing everyday, not just about the big things, but about all the little things too! :)

  4. yeah these photo was actually taken a few weeks ago when we first got his new body suit :)
    Simone, I did do an extra clean up of the boys bedroom last night, just for you :)

  5. Thought so :)
    Oh my point about that not being what you wear to the gym is that your shirt is really nice and looks fantastic on you :)

  6. Do you LOVE the body suit? I almost got one of those for Ben but they decided it wouldn't be in the best interest for him due to his contractures. I love seeing his chunky little thighs. :) LOVE that boy!

  7. The bus is great as it gives just that little extra time to clean the bomb before going out in the mornings. I must say I have said the same comment to William, it sure will be lonely when the babies move out, that will be next year when Will starts kindy :(

  8. Becky - we love it. He had one before, but went through a massive growth spurt and grew out of it within 6 months - not good when it cost over $3500 for the body splint, but arm and leg splints. It really helps him to be more supported in his chair, and gets his spine as straight as possible (his scoliosis is REALLY bad) and seems to help him breath as it lifts him up and opens his lungs up more. We are lucky that he doesn't have any real contractures (yet).

  9. No wonder you got the funding for that suit with the hawks logo nobody else would want it.Lucky Noah can make anything look good.

    Basil Brush


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