Thursday, 8 July 2010

Teaching Grandma... to use her new ipod touch.

She's not very good at it and I'm a pro as I always use Dad's, so I have a lot to teach her!


  1. Kobe really looks like he know's what he's talking about in that first photo!

  2. He actually looks like he is teaching her! Super cute! :)

  3. hey lisa..your mother was having fun with it at church and i am so going to get one when i get back..melanie keeps telling me to get one too..lorrianne was like a big

  4. hehe! Reminds me of Jalen when he was a tiny tot using the computer so easily and Jared and I couldl barely use it!

  5. Actually he was teaching me, and he would take Aaron's I-Pod of me because Aaron had a lot of cool games on it.
    When I didn't know what to do I would hand it over to The Kobester, and let him take over.
    It's really sad isn't it?
    Love Lorraine.

  6. That is so cute... amd suprisingly enough i bet he did know what he was doing to (well to a certain degree) i bet more than us .....
    i have a touch phone too and when it doesnt do what i want it to will find me banging it really hard with my finger hey hey!!!! still doesnt do what i want it too though...!!!!!


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