Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I still have lots of blogging to catch up on from when Chrish was down visiting. While he was down Mum and Dad took the whole family out to the casino for tea.

Aaron and I go there a little bit, but the boys hadn't been since they were little so they were very excited! Especially when they knew it was a buffe and they could eat all the icecream and desserts they wanted! This photo cracks me up - they know they need to give me a quick 'smile' to keep me happy, so they can get on with eating!.

Kobe was in heaven!!! He went to town on the desserts and surprisingly he wanted more and more watermelon rather than anything else.

Noah wasn't fussed about the desserts but was happy enough just with his usual tube feed ;)

Kobe was cracking us up as he was blowing kisses to Mum and cracking up. At the end he keeps saying 'den' for 'again' :)

It was a lovely meal but because there were so many of us and we were all trying to control our kids, we didn't really get to sit and relax and just chat. I think the family teas at Mum and Dad's are better as it's a lot more relaxing when we don't have to worry about whether our kids are running around feral (or pulling rabbit ears on people).

If only we could have someone come and cook for us at family teas :)

We braved the icy air outside to snap a few photos before we went home. Lachie decided he wasn't keen on waiting for me to snap the photo.

The kids loved going over to the bridge near the golf course which was all lit up. I was slightly freaking out about one of them falling off into the water and wondering which one of us would dive in to save them as I knew it wouldn't be me as I had my camera to worry about ;)

The girls are always so cute when they are together. You wouldn't see Kobe, Lachie and Alex running along holding hands like they do.


  1. That photo of Jae and Harri is funny as! are they drinking shots!!??

    Kobe looks super cute eating all that food, so do the girls holding hands :)

  2. hahaha it was JELLY
    WE needed a private room and a few drop cloths!

  3. its a really nice place to eat..we go there all the time and we even go down to the hobart one..


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