Monday, 19 July 2010

Photos in the Fog

Makayla recently got a DSLR and was keen for me to go out taking photos with her. I warned her I didn't have much I could show her, as I'm still learning to use my own camera, but she was still keen to come out to see if we could get some good photos together.

I was able to show her a couple of things - how to play with the white balance which makes a huge difference to the photos, and how to not be scared to get down low...even if it's wet, foggy and cold :)

Kobe is the perfect model and was cracking us up, as he was doing things without us even asking him like jumping as he said 'jump, jump!'.

He's used to being out with me taking photos and all the crazy things I ask him and the boys to do, to get a fun photo.

He knows just what to do when I ask him. I'm sure he's going to be a model when he grows up;)

I hate photos of myself, but I actually love this one Makayla took of me and Kobe. I had a play with it - had to get rid of the zits and wrinkles :)

When we first started it was so foggy which was actually pretty cool for photos. Kobe loved looking out through the fog at the boats.

It didn't take long before the fog lifted, and the sun came out.

We braved the skate park for some photos near the graffiti walls. Makayla brought along some bubbles to blow which Kobe loved.

By the time we left, the sun was shining. A beautiful day for photos!


  1. white balance...i need to know that. can you tell me about it on sunday?

  2. sure can Tone - it's soooo easy as it's just a click of a button but really warms up or cools down your pics to suit the lighting.
    Bring your camera on Sunday and hopefully we'll find out how to play with it. I'm wondering if you have the same camera as Mak?

  3. Kobe is such a cute kid!! Love your photos.

  4. Wonderful pics. Kobe is so sweet and the camera lurves him!

  5. great pics,nice with the fog,hmm white balance i need to know too!! (will attemped to read my book) really like Makalas"jumper!!!

  6. Far out it was cold! I love that "we BRAVED the skate park" like it wasn't just filled with ten year olds =P
    I really like how some of the photos turned out :)
    Oh and thanks Pip i got my jacket from Simone for my birthday.

  7. Whoa - look at that 2nd last photo fo Kobe. Is it even him?? He's not a baby anymore!!!
    And how did you get that amazing sunflare in the last shot - it's magic - clever, clever woman you!!

  8. I know - Kobe needs to stop growing! :( As for the sunflare I just pointed and shot - nothing special.

  9. The pictures...BEAUTIFUL! :)


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