Saturday, 10 July 2010

Monster Challenge 2010

Last night Mum came to babysit so Aaron and I could go to the Stake Youth Monster Challenge. Aaron was the MC and I had helped organised the challenges for the night. We were looking forward to it as last year's Monster Challenge was so fun. This year the youth knew what they were in for, and were also looking forward to it. We had similar challenges to last year as well as a few new ones.

Late for Seminary Race...because you always wear Hawks scarves, beanies and sunglasses to seminary ;)

Balloon Pop...trying to protect your own balloon while trying to pop other people's.

Blindfolded Musical the last couple of rounds Aaron and I took away all the cushions for a little while and just let them wander around aimlessly trying to find one to sit on! Sooooo funny to watch them try to find the cushions (please ignore my awful laughing!).

Food Challenges...

the hardest food challenge of all...drinking all the contents that were thrown into a blender....sardines, baked beans, cream, sauce and a heap of other things that are nice separately, but not together!

the Shaving Cream Game...trying to throw and stick the most cheezles on their partner's face.

the Ping Pong Ball Game...inspired by the TV show 'Minute To Win It'.

The Toilet Paper Game...

Monster Trivia answer the multiple choice question they had to run and be the first to grab Cookie Monster.

and the winners - Team White!


  1. What a hoot! Looks like a brilliant night!

  2. FUNNY! The shaving cream game has me cracking up. I wish you had a picture of the winner. :) What a great night!

  3. Looks like a fun night, except for the drink challenge. Is that pack of biscuits the prize? No wonder the white team don't look to happy about winning.

  4. ha ha - no Steph! Aaron threw a few of those biscuits into the blender drink challenge at the end of the night. They weren't the prize :)

  5. the cheezles on the shaving cream face... classic. I burst out laughing. Did you come up with these? So awesome!

  6. I came up with the challenges last year Chels and we used the same ones this year and added a few different ones in too -all of the YM/YW presidencies came up with a couple of challenges each. Tone thought of the shaving cream one :)

  7. It looks soooo fun!!!
    Morgan is so disgusting drinking that stuff!!! I cant believe she is my sister!!!
    I LOVE the photos of everyone running towards you to grab the monster, i can just imagine them slamming into you like you said =P

  8. I love activities like these. We put one on like this about 3 years ago and the shaving cream game was a huge hit for us too. The hall ended up covered in loose cheetos. FUN


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