Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shower Caps and Percussion

About lunch time today the boys and I headed up to hospital to visit Noah and see how Aaron survived the night. He said he had a shocking night with having to suction Noah a lot, which is actually a good thing as it means things are starting to loosen up - better out than in :)

As soon as Kobe saw Noah, he found his puffer and spacer on the table and decided that Noah needed it!

We have been very lucky to be given meals every day. Usually meals are only for the patients, but the nurses really look after us, and make sure that I get a menu every day so I can order my meals for the next day. If there is ever any left over meals they also make sure that we get them so that the boys and Aaron can also have something to eat. It's great that one of the ladies who brings around the meals loves Aaron - he teaches her boys, and so she looks after us putting extra things on the trays including fizzy drinks for the boys! They won't want Noah to leave hospital! ;)

Today Aaron gave Kobe a choice of food from his plate at lunch time and he grabbed the brocolli!

It was nice to have Jared and Becky and the kids pop in for a visit. They were impressed with the awesome playground and the kids had lots of fun playing in there with the boys.

Of course the kids shouldn't have all the fun, so I thought I'd try out the red car for a spin. Next thing I know, Aaron is up behind me doing some Grease moves!

Two to three times a day the respiratory physios come and see Noah and do lots of 'percussion and vibes' and suctioning to try to clear his chest. It's helping a lot and his physio today was really happy with how much clearer he sounded this afternoon, especially in his lower lobes.

Each day the nurses have been giving Noah a wash using hot, soapy towels and changing his bed. Today his nurse Luke said he would give him a wash and I said how greasy his hair was getting as we aren't able to stick him in the bath to wash it. He said 'that's no problem, we will use a cap!'. He told us that they have these great shower caps that are used for spinal patients a lot. You put it on their heads and it foams up and gives the hair a wash and also a condition and then you take it off and you don't have to rinse or anything, and the hair is washed!! It's quite the look. :)

I didn't believe it would work very well, but it was really good! His hair was much nicer after a wash. This was one of the rare moments when Noah had his eyes (half) open today. It's actually nice to have him sleeping as you know he is resting and hopefully getting well.

His Sats and everything was really good for most of the day today, so we got to turn his oxygen down to 7 litres. They were still staying stable after we turned it down, so hopefully each day we can drop it a bit more and get out of there very soon. I'm thinking it will be at least mid week now though till we can think about going home.

It's nice to see his breathing settle right down. He is now a bit overloaded with IV fluids, and very puffy all over, so now we need to get that sorted, but it hopefully won't take long to settle down.


  1. Wow!
    What a cool shower cap.
    I want one of those!!

    Love to all of you.
    Get well soon Noah.

  2. I'm so glad to hear Noah is improving steadily. Those caps are fantastic aren't they - Noah's hair looks so soft. Maybe you could grab a couple of those caps for camping trips!

  3. So nice you are all being so well looked after :)
    Awesome shower cap! How cool!!
    Cracking up at Aaron and his grease moves!
    So glad Noah's oxygen is going down! Glad he is on the mend.
    Get well soon Noah xxx

  4. Good to see his improving, love the cap they may start to be a fashion statement!

  5. LOVE your hospital pictures. LOVE that cute boy of yours. Keep on keepin' on Noah! (our hospital used to have something similar to the shower cap wash, but got rid of it soon after Ben was born, it was nice when we had it though and amazingly it does do a nice job)

  6. i'm with the nurses we don't want noah to leave either we would miss our daily plays with kobe....

  7. I want a magic shower cap too! I'd never have to get out of bed.

    Love how Kobe offered Noah the suction thing. So helpful!

  8. It is great that the hospital is so close that Noah can have his whole family with him so often when he has to be there.
    {I also want some of those shower caps for crazy mornings?}

  9. That shower cap thing is awesome! Glad to hear Noah is improving. x


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