Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gangstas in the hood

At the beginning of the year Jalen had a new boy join his class at school. Bradley moved up from Hobart and Jay and he became good friends. Only a couple of months later he had to move back to Hobart again and when he told the class, Jalen supposedly started crying and was very upset.

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from Bradley asking if he could come up and visit, so we organised him to come up for a sleepover. The boys had the best time together.

Last night when we were in bed, Jay obviously got on the computer and sent me an email (after we thought they were asleep!). This is the email I woke up to this morning :

From: Jalen King
Sent: Saturday, July 03, 2010 11:33 PM
To: Lisa King
Subject: thank you

thanks mum for letting Brad come over I love you.
Love Jalen

It's nice to know he appreciated having him come up. Last night we got a DVD for them to watch and made popcorn. Bradley was loving it and kept saying 'this is so fun'. He was also lovely with the other boys and didn't mind at all that Harri wanted to hang out with him too.

We took Bradley up to the school to show him the brand new classroom that his class had moved into since he left. I asked the boys what was up with the hoods on, and they said they were 'gangstas'!

He was such a lovely kid and really well mannered, which made it nice to have around. We promised him he could come up and stay again when we have moved into the new house.


  1. What a shame he had to move away!

  2. Jalen was showing me this on the computer last night- he was excited to show me the email and what time it sent, he cracks me up!
    Love the gangsta pictures!

  3. Gangstas' in the HOOD! ;) Cute boys.

  4. oh Becky!!! Why didn't I think of that as my blog post title!! I''m changing it - thanks for the idea :)


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