Friday, 16 July 2010

Wishing for a Fab Friday

After school today we headed to Aurora for the Hawks Fab Friday. We ran into Kylie, Patrick and Lauren and also the Weedens which was nice.

While waiting for the Hawks to come out and train, the boys kept themselves entertained in the handballing area.

We patiently waited behind the fence for them to come out when we spotted Hawka, as well as another character.

It took us a while to realise what it was - at first Kylie and I thought it was Dora the Explorer. I then realised it was the Make a Wish fairy, and saw that she was walking along with one of the ladies who helped grant Noah's wish, and also one of the instructors from the gym who also volunteers with them. Make a Wish is the charity that will be collecting money at Aurora during the game tomorrow, so they were also invited to come along to Fab Friday. Aaron was cracking jokes about whether she was the Cats new mascot!

When they saw us and Noah, they asked if we would like to go out on the grounds and near the changerooms to meet the players. It of course was a hard decision to make, but we said yes! ;) We tried to get Charlotte to come out with us too, but unfortunately she isn't a 'wish kid' so wasn't able to come too which is a pity. I think all kids with special needs deserve to have something special, whether they have a life threatening illness or not. I guess it's lucky they aren't Hawks fans like we are.

We got to stand right outside the changerooms, so that when the players finished signing autographs for the crowd they would come straight past us. The boys loved looking in the changerooms and checking things out.

As the players came off they would stop and sign whatever we wanted and would have a bit of a chat and were happy to get their photo taken with us. The lady who granted Noah's wish stayed with us the whole time and took pics for us as well.

Kobe really knows what to do now and was cracking up the players as he would hold out his scarf for them to sign. They would then give him a high five and he would jump and down, so excited about it.

Alistair Clarkson is always so lovely to the boys and stopped and had a chat to Noah and asked him his name, if he goes for the hawks. I told him that he has no choice and was brain washed by his Dad! :)

We of course couldn't resist finally getting a full family photo with Hodgie.

He is always such a lovely guy and willing to take a moment to say hi.

Sam Mitchell is another one who always takes a moment to make an effort to say hi to Noah and was the same today. He doesn't seem to have the same patience for other kids.

We knew Mum was going to be so disappointed that she couldn't make it today, when we got extra time with the players. Especially since she loves Cyril so much. Jalen and Harri's face in this pic makes me laugh!

Harri is so crazy about football and the Hawks, and was so star struck when the players would come up to him. He was so quiet and shy and would just give them a little 'thank you' after they signed his ball.

When the last of the players came through Kobe was so upset and was wanting more. He dropped his bottom lip and started crying and pointing into the change rooms to say he wanted more.

He then kept putting his hands in the air like 'they're all gone!'.

As we were about to leave Jay started chatting to the guys who do 'DT Talk' on the Hawks Active TV show. Jay was telling him how he gets his tips of who to add to his dream team from him and the guy was asking who he had as his captain and they were comparing players they had. Just as we were about to leave the guy came back up to Jay and asked him if he would like to be interviewed for the show, and wanted him to just talk about his dream team and what they had just spoken about. Jay of course was very happy to.

The guys were cracking up laughing at him saying that he gets his tips from the show and how even though he does, his team isn't going that well. They said it should be on the show in a couple of weeks.

What we thought would be a pretty boring Fab Friday, turned out to be the best one yet. We feel so lucky that we could do something like that and are grateful to Make a Wish who realise that doing something special like that, means so much to us as the boys often have to put up with a lot, and never complain about it. It's nice when they get to do something extra special, because they have an extra special brother.


  1. That is so lovely :) It gave me warm fuzzys to read :) I love the pic of Noah with the make a wish fairy and the one of Kobe dropping his lip! :) xx

  2. I LOVE Make-A-Wish! They have done so many amazing things for our family. I love seeing that you get to do the very same things way over there in Australia. :) By the way, what was Noah's wish? And I LOVE the pictures. One of the pictures of Noah he is making a face JUST.LIKE.BEN. LOVE IT! Glad your Friday turned Fabulous!!!

  3. The mascot is Andrew Makay with a tiara!!Damn Cats!!!!!


  4. Hey Becky- if you click on the words Noah's Wish it is actually a link to the blog post about his wish :)

  5. Thanks Mak. Becky and I have been FBing all night and I sent her the link there as well.

  6. That would be right, wouldn't it??
    Looks like a great day, and yet again I missed out on seeing my favourite player,Cyril.
    Oh well, I am looking foward to the game.
    See you all tomorrow.
    Love Mum.

  7. Fantastic that you all got to be so close to your team... poor L ..she missed out...i am sure the boys will fill her in on all the details...yeah three cheers for make a wish foundation.

  8. You guys have such a fun time with the whole Hawthorn thing! If only Craig had boys....No matter how hard he tries no one in our house will get excited about footy with him.

    Love Kobe's reaction - 'all gone'. So cute!

  9. Great photos! I LOVE the one of jalen looking into the change rooms! We are so lucky to have "our team" come here so often!


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