Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hangin' at Uni

During the week Kobe and I headed up to the Uni to catch up with Fiona. It was so nice to see her and hang out for a couple of hours (literally for Kobe!), before she went to class for the day.

Before we went outside to hang out in the sun, Fiona put on some lip gloss, so of course Kobe decided that he should also have some lip gloss on too. I guess he knew that there may be photos taken, and he wanted to look his best! ;) It was cracking me up as Fiona was showing him how to hold his mouth and he did it perfectly.

Kobe kept wanting Fiona to draw smiley faces on his hands with her lip gloss and kept rubbing it off, so she could do it over and over again.

The days seem to be getting a more warmth in the sun already. Later that day I heard on the radio that it hit a whopping 18 degrees (celcius)! It was a heatwave for Tassie in the middle of winter! It was so nice to sit out in the sunshine and have a play, and take some photos together.

Fiona took these cute photos of Kobe having a play. He was playing up to the camera as usual.

Fiona asked me how long it was since I had been a student at uni and I worked out that it was over 14 years ago when I left there -that's incredible! It seemed like so long ago, but then being back there it all just seemed exactly the same, and I felt like I was back there hanging out with all my friends, cramming in classes and rushing to get assignments finished. I actually loved my time at uni - especially because I was studying something I was interested in, I was living in town with my friends, and there was so much more freedom than when we were in college.

In saying all that, I'm so glad that it's over now. I'm glad I got it out of the way before I had my boys so that I can now just concentrate on being a Mum and enjoying them grow up.

Thanks for hanging out with us Fiona in between your busy uni schedule. I'm glad that you are there and get to do what you are interested in after all your years of being a busy Mum to your beautiful girls.


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  2. I had a FABULOUS time with you guys.
    Let's do it again soon ;)

  3. Looks like fun! :) Love the pics! Especially the one at the bottom- it is awesome!! :)

  4. Oh there is a different one at the bottom now.. I love the one of you and Kobe! And the one of Kobe with all the blue in the background..
    Makayla (blogger is having one of those fun days where it wont let me sign in!:)

  5. Kobe is the PERFECT model! SO, SO cute!!! :)

  6. Great pictures as usual Lisa. I love the one of you and Kobe!


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