Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hawks V Lions

This afternoon Di came over (what would we do without Di!!? :) to look after Kobe and Noah for us while we went to the footy. Mum came along with us which is always fun as she screams as much as Aaron.

Harri was so pumped for the footy. He is so into it all now, knowing all the players, all the stats, who is injured, who isn't playing and what place each team is on the ladder. He spent the entire game filling in the footy record with who scored each point and goal.

I have to admit I'm into footy a lot more over the past year or two, but THE best thing about going to the footy is having a quiet few hours without Kobe (and Noah) needing my constant attention and having a dagwood dog. Lucky I went to Body Attack this morning at the gym, so I could justify having one :)

We have great seats with our memberships - right near the centre circle which means you get to see all the action.

Aaron took along his radio so he could listen to the commentary while he watched the game.

Jalen gave me a nudge and whispers 'Mum...see how Dad's listening to the radio - that's what old people do!'.

We had a little laugh and the next thing Mum says is 'Oh I want to go to Harvey Norman to see if they have any radios, so I can listen to the game like Aaron next time'. We had to laugh at that - proved Jay's point exactly :) Sorry Mum!

At half time we had a visit from the Watsons who sit over in the 'posh' seats. Lincoln is such a cutie.

I don't blame them sitting all the way over there. Even though the view probably isn't as good, at least they away from all the dodgy characters near us!

It was actually a pretty nice afternoon. A little breezy and a bit fresh, but not freezing which was good.

They had predicted rain, but we were lucky that it stayed away. Lucky for Brisbane as they probably would've played even worse than they did! Hawthorn won by 75 points in the end.


  1. How funny, and I am getting a radio.
    You have to be in on all the action.
    Great day, great games HAWKS!!!
    Love Mum.

  2. ha ha - Shayne, Mark and Mum have radios - drives me mad - very unsociable.
    WHY is the guy behind Georgina poking his tongue out at you?

  3. I will cry at anything these days! I cried at James and Sarah's wedding rehearsal yesterday (well, my eyes got a little glazy). Of course, I'm not a Hawthorn fan. I think it was about seeing you guys all dancing about. How dare you. Luckily, Joey's dad walked in and I had to compose myself!

    Goodness me.

    75 points is a flogging.

  4. I was JUST going to ask if you had season tickets or something - guess you do. :) And what exactly is a dagwood? I love learning all about your fun stuff over there. I'll be a professional by the time I visit. What a beautiful night for some footy. (is that another word for rugby? I think that is what we call it over here) Look at the sky - so breathtaking.

  5. I love that first photo of your mum and Jay, Lorraine you look beautiful! :)
    I was absolutely cracking up at you eating that dagwood dog- looks hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! =P
    And i was laughing at the video at the end- SOMEHOW i know all the words to that horrid song... i wonder why!?.. If i spend anymore time near your house i fear im going to be brainwashed!! Haha

  6. Becky, wash your mouth out!!! Rugby is rubbish. This is Australian Rules Football, the greatest game on earth!!! Google it, you will become converted!!!


  7. Oh Alison - you are a goose! Crying at the boys singing the Hawks theme song - funny!

    Becky - as Aaron said AFL is VERY different to Rugby. I didn't like it that much a few years back, but Aaron has me brainwashed now :) We are 'members' of the Hawthorn Football Club who Aaron has barracked for since he was a kid, so we get seats at each of the games when they play in Tasmania. Luckily for us they are playing 3 Saturday games down here this year, and only 1 Sunday game.

    oh and a dagwood dog is a hotdog sausage on a stick, and then battered and deep fried. NOT at all good for you, but I LOVE them :)

  8. oh and Kylie - well that proves Jay's point too - Shayne IS old too! :) and that guy obviously saw the paparrazzi out with my camera and thought he'd give it back to me! ;)

  9. IT's good to see that you went to the most effective calorie burning class before you ate that "dagwood dog".ahhahaha

  10. I smelt of cigarette smoke after visiting you guys! Looks like lots of people cleared out on your stand before the game was over.

  11. All stand are smoke free Nicki!!! They all smoke behind the stands, all stands!!!


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