Friday, 30 July 2010

Slowly Getting There

The last couple of days has been so much better. Noah still isn't well, but he's back to 'normal sick' Noah which is good. It's been a busy and tiring couple of days, and after three nights of not much sleep it's caught up with me, and I'm looking forward to a night in my own bed while Aaron is with Noah. Oh I can't wait for a night with no IV beeping, no nurses coming in and out, and not having to listen to patients up the hall screaming all night (that's a whole other story!).

Noah's Dr came in this morning and said he is so much better, but still has a way to go till we can go home, and that he wasn't working on the weekend so he would see us on other words it's going to be at least three more days till he is well enough to go home but I'm expecting longer since he's still on 8 litres of humidified oxygen.

It's not too bad as we are being really looked after well. The nurses have been great and I'm actually sitting back this time and just letting them do their job. Usually I jump in and do everything including giving Noah his meds, but we have had a few nursing students from the uni who haven't really dealt with anyone like Noah before, so it's been a good learning experience for them as they deal with differerent machines, and learning how to PEG feed and give meds down the PEG as well.

In a lot of ways it is a little bit of a holiday as I'm not having to give feeds or meds and don't have to watch the clock all the time or make up his meds, but am actually enjoying being able to just spend time with Noah, while someone else does all that for me.

We have had a lot of visitors including Noah's teacher, Kate who was Jay's teacher last year. She had organised for the kids to make Noah all the cards, and also brought him up a balloon. Aaron was stirring her, asking if she had come to bring Noah some homework to do, and was then saying to her how downhill he has gone since being in her class, making up stories that he used to write and talk when he was in other teacher's classes, and now he just wants to sleep all day as she's such a boring teacher!

Every morning Aaron and the boys arrive around 8am to spend half an hour or so at the hospital with us before school.

Kobe has been loving it as he goes off to the gym every morning with Lisa and Eden, and then they come back to the hospital for a little play. He actually cried when they left yesterday as he wanted to go with them again!

Poor Harri has been struggling the most with it all. Usually it's Jalen who gets a bit emotional when Noah is in hospital, but Harri is really over tired and wishing that we were all at home together. Every night he has been crying as he wants me to come home with them.

Just before he goes to bed he's been on the phone sobbing to me every night saying ' I just wanted to ring you Mummy, because I love you so much and miss you so much'. Kobe and Jay haven't been too worried about being apart. Kobe is just happy to be somewhere 'fun' (for some!).

This photo says it all - the boys waving goodnight to me as they leave the ward. Harri is wishing Noah and I were walking out with them to come home.

Hopefully it will only be a few more days or so, and we can all walk out of the ward together and go home.


  1. I feel so sorry for Harri. It must be so hard on everyone. It's good you're so close to the hospital so the boys can pop in.

  2. thats so lovely that they come in every morning... that big tear made me sad too!

  3. Harri took it badly last time you were in hospital with Noah, and wanted to call you on the phone to tell you he missed you.
    Kobe looks happy so that is really good.
    Love Mum.

  4. Ahhhhh! That breaks my heart seeing Harri so sad. Totally brings back so many memories of our hospital stays. It definitely got a little easier as my kids got older and they were able to understand better. So hard!!! It makes me sad seeing Noah so sick. You can totally see it in his face. :( 8 liters is still a lot of oxygen.

  5. Awww, the pic of harri crying is heartbreaking. Hope you can all go home very soon.

  6. This one brought a tear to my eye. You guys do such an amazing job to look after each other so well. I hope Noah is well enough to go home soon. I hope you get some sleep Lisa!

  7. Oh poor Harri! Hope you are home soon.
    The person I feel most sorry for is Noah's teacher having to put up with Aaron's teasing!

  8. Awwh I love that one of you and Noah - are you watching the tv? It must be so nice to not have to worry about his meds and just have some Noah time. xx

  9. Hope you get some good news on mon/tues... i want to swap kobe for eden!!!
    only joking edenxxx

  10. So glad he is improving, although slowly..
    I love that pic of you and Noah- post more.
    Poor Harri, he is sooo cute!

  11. ohhh wow, that WAS a lot to catch up on. So glad Noah is doing better. You guys are all in my prayers xox


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