Friday, 23 July 2010

My Sunny Windows

There's not much I love about our house we rent, except for the location, that the bedrooms are big, and the sun that streams through the windows in the afternoon (makes up for how freezing the house is most of the time unless we have the heaters cranking and put up with a huge power bill which is what we usually do).

Kobe and I went up to visit our new house to see how things were going today. We used to go up lots, but now I only try to go up once a week or so.

I'm already in love with my lounge room which will have the sun streaming through by lunchtime, and all afternoon. I'm already imagining my nanna naps laying on the couch in the sun :)

Its the same for our bedroom which is on the same side of the house. Check out Noah's little section in our bedroom where his bed and hoist will go, so it doesn't have to take up space within the main part of the room. I think Noah and I will spend lots of time in our bedroom, laying in the sun!

Kobe didn't want to leave, as he was having way too much fun getting up to mischief with the builder's son.

Only another couple of months and we won't have to leave :)


  1. It's my favourite part of your new house :) It will be awesome! :)
    I was so pleased that i was able to see it in person :)
    Oh and i do love that little section of your room that is Noah's :)

  2. So exciting! I too love the sun. I do hope you spend lots of time in there with Noah. I'm sure he will love it just as much. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!


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