Friday, 14 August 2009


I have been going to Theogenes now for almost three years (as I'm sure you can tell by my ripped physique!). When I joined I was suprised to find out that Bonnie had been a member there for years and it has been so great to get to know her better. Not long after I started going Simone joined up - without knowing that Bonnie or I were members there. I also knew Simone before we went to the gym together, but I can now say that she and Bonnie is some of my best friends and it has been because we have been able to see each other reguarly as we spend so much time chatting at the gym.

Since joining lots of other friends have also joined which has been great including Belinda, Angela, Jacquie, Emma, Lisa, Tammy, Anna, and Sarah. We also got to know a few of the other girls that went to the gym regularly including Kellie and it was fun all going up the back of class together. Whoever got to class first would usually start setting up for the others so we could all be up the back together.

For months they have been advertising a brand new gym that was going to be opening in Launnie called Pycsam. They had special offers to join up before it opened and if you went to check it out all you could do was look at the floor plan and be told about how great it was going to be. First of all I heard Belinda joined up, and then I heard that Kellie had also joined up. After hearing about how great it was going to be and how cheap the offer for a years membership was, I thought I would go and check it out for myself. Lately I hadn't really had the motivation to go to the gym like I used to, so I thought it was time for a change. We all joined up except for Simone (who I'm sure will come over very soon - right Simone!!?) and have been hanging out for it to open up. We were hoping that it was going to be everything that they promised us.

I have to admit that I have been worried that it may all be a big scam - like one of those things you see on 'A Current Affair' or 'Today Tonight' or something! I just had thoughts of us all joining up and giving up all this money to this dodgy scheme and we turn up and there is actually no gym being built at all, but just some dodgy guy who has run off with our money! I was also worried about taking the boys over to a new gym as they love the child care at theogenes and are used to the workers and kids there.

Today was the big opening day for the gym. Sarah, Lisa, Kellie and I all met there early to get the kids settled into the child care so we could take their first ever class. It was very exciting walking in and seeing the entrance to the gym and seeing how new and fresh everything is (sorry about the pic quality - using the dodgy point and shoot camera - didn't want to embarrass myself too much with my big SLR!).

It looks so good - everything is brand new, modern , trendy and relaxing. Lisa is looking very excited about the new gym!

There are lots of different areas to the new gym including a women's only section. All of the equipment have their own little tv screens.

Even the changerooms are lovely!

The boys were good in the child care. They have two older women who run it and they seem great with the kids. Kobe was having a bit of a cry when I went to pick him up, but I think it's because he spotted me outside while we were looking around. The childcare is right in the middle of the gym with big windows looking out so the kids can see out to the gym. I'm not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing - probably a bit of both! At least we can quickly look in and see how they are going without going in there. The childcare area also has a big area for them to run around in off the main room, with a little jumping castle. Harri loved it and asked if we could go there 'every day'.

We did the class which was 'Core' and was a mix of pilates, and body balance all done on top of a thing that was like the top of a fitball. It was flat on the bottom and you stood on the top that was like a fitball and had to balance and do different moves. It was actually quite hard and I'm sure my abs of steel (not!) are going to feel it tomorrow. I think it will be a great class to do regularly to strengthen my back which will hopefully help with all the lifting I do with Noah.

There was a great atmosphere in the class - everyone was so excited about the new gym and the room was huge. There were probably about 25 people in the class and three very fit instructors up the front taking turns with each track. There were a lot of very fit, athletic looking people there but everyone seemed very nice.

After class we had a sticky beak around the whole gym. We found a room which had bikes in it and assumed it was the Spin room and questioned why it wasn't tiered levels like were told it would be on the floor plan. The guy then explained it is acually a kids class room as it is only used for kids in grades 3 up. The bikes are smaller and they also have different machines at the back that they can use in a circuit. I think Jalen would love to go and try it out!

We then found the real Spin room and was excited to see that it even has a strobe/disco light which will be fun. I may even give Spin a go as I usually hate RPM, but I think having a different atmosphere with so many people will make it seem more tolerable.

The thing I am really excited about with the new gym is that they will be having 'live' classes as well as 'virtual' classes. If you miss a live class with an instructor in it, they will be having classes run every hour on the hour which will be 'virtual ' classes - meaning that they will have a class being played on a DVD at the front and you can just come in and join in and use the equipment etc.

Notice how cool we are in our matching Pycsam t-shirts! ;D Kellie piked out on us and didn't wear hers. We are now excited to try out some different classes next week.


  1. Wow looks vey impressive and modern. So how many treadmills and cross trainers do they have? Do they have time limits on them? I reckon their was heaps of peopel their today wanting to check out the opening.

  2. Sorry Lisa it was Angela leaving the last comment.

  3. Hi Ang - I did know that cupcake pic was you :) I actually can't say as I was too excited to take much notice of the little things! There are some in the main gym area and then some in the female area as well. I heard there was a rumor about time limits but we haven't been told anything officially.
    There were lots of people there today checking the place out - it was very exciting.

  4. so you never said where this muscle pumping place actually was???? is it at Theogenes ???? i might even chek it out if they have old lady classes that is.... perhaps start in that kids spin room....

  5. It's actually in the Door of Hope building Annette.

  6. Where's the photo of you....Not happy jan.....

  7. lol - sorry Lisa! I looked gross - I HATE pics of myself unless they are far away ones.

  8. It looks fantastic! Please someone tell me what Pycsam stands for???

  9. Cool! You make the gym look so fun that i want to join =P

  10. Oh wow the RPM looks like a movie theatre room. Those changerooms are AWESOME! It certainly looks very tempting!!

  11. WOW - that is one cool looking gym! Much fancier than the one I go to! The spin room looks awesome

  12. Kylie I think PYCSAM stands for Pilates, Yoga, Core, Spin And More.

    Or something along those lines...


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