Friday, 10 August 2007

School Assembly

Today was Jalen's debut in the school assembly. His grade 1/2 class were the 'MC's for the assembly today and had to introduce each classes work that they would be sharing, as well as give out certificates. They were very cute.

Jay's line was to say 'Thank you Mrs Stackhouses class, you showed us some very clever work'. He did a great job.

He also got to share his spider and pattern work with some of the other kids in his class.

It was nice to see Noah having a cuddle with Di during the assembly. Its funny when I go to school for different things - sometimes I wish I was back teaching again, and then other times I'm so glad I'm not working! Today I was happy to not be working - especially since it is a horrible day and I remembered what wet weather days were like, with the kids stuck inside all day.

Jay has had a loose tooth for a while now and some of the girls from his class ran up to me to tell me that his tooth had come out this morning at school. He was very excited to come and show me after the assembly today that it was out. The tooth fairy is going to be broke! :)

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