Friday, 3 August 2007

School's Out!

Yes - that is right! The clock does say 11.50 am and that is the boys home in their school uniforms in the middle of the day! About 11am today, Kristen rang me and asked if my boys were home with me. I told her that Harri was but the other two were at school. and she said I had to get up to the school to pick up the boys. My heart started racing - at first I thought there was a terrorist attack (dramatic I know! Punchbowl Primary is a huge target for terrorists- not!), then I thought a fire, then I thought some outbreak of a terrible disease! I didn't really know what to think.

She said that on the radio she had heard that there had been a burst pipe and they had to shut the school down, and were asking all parents to arrange for their kids to be picked up. I grabbed Harri and raced up there expecting there to be a flood of water everywhere and kids out on the oval all having a wonderful time, but there were kids still working in classrooms and parents coming out of the door with their children.

I saw the Assistant Principal in the hall and asked what was going on and she said that a water main up the road had burst and therefore they had to cut the water supply off in the area, and that meant the school had no water, which also meant no flushing toilets which was a health hazzard.

I went to Noah's classroom first and there were no kids to be found anywhere, so we then went to Jay's class. Only about half the kids were left in there so Jay grabbed his gear and we then searched the school for about 20 mins for Noah! You wouldn't think a bright yellow wheelchair would be that hard to find, but he was! In the hall were a class who were doing P.E and they had 10 wheelchairs that the school had borrowed for a few days, and the kids were bombing around in the wheelchairs having a great time! 10 wheelchairs - but not one of them was Noah - even though it was his class.

Finally I gave up looking and walking around in circles and texted his aide and asked where she was (the school really isn't that big!). They were back in the classroom. Noah was quite happy to come home - he had a big smile in the van on the way home, but Jay wasn't so impressed. He LOVES school and on the way out the door at school he kept asking 'can I go and say goodbye to my friends one more time!?'. It was like he was never going to see them again!

When we got home I made him pose for a photo and said to 'punch the air like you are really happy to be home' and the photo above is what he came up with! I think it looks more like he is going to punch someone for making him come home! They had a nice afternoon in the end anyway. Jay laid in my bed and watched a DVD and Noah had a nice cuddle with Grandma who had come to spend the afternoon with us.

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