Saturday, 25 August 2007

More fun on the farm

Yes Anna and Devin - I am doing two blog posts today! :) I have too much going on - think I need a holiday!

Today we went out to Mum and Dad's place to catch up with Jared, Becky and Kelsea while they were up for the weekend. We had an afternoon tea to celebrate Kelsea's birthday.

Dad had great fun showing off his scar from his operation to have the shunt put it. It made me very squirmish - almost enough to put me off my food, but anyone who knows me pretty well would know that it would have to be really bad for me to stop eating! :) He thought it was a great joke so he had to go and get his little jar of staples that he kept that came out of his head and stomach to show me!

After lots of yummy food we all went out to see the new baby lambs that have been born. The boys were very excited. First we went down to the sheep paddock to check to see if any sheep were lambing - we didn't have as much luck this time, there wasn't much going on.

The boys didn't care but had fun just running around and throwing rocks into the trough.

Jay was pestering Jared as usual, so Jared threatened to put his face in the sheep poo. That quickly stopped him!

We then went to the 'maternity paddock' as Dad put it to see the sheep with their lambs. Jay was very keen to hold the lamb that Mum caught straight away and wanted to give it a name.

Harri also loved seeing the lambs until he realised that he had dirty hands! Definately a city boy like his Dad!

Becky had fun playing with our new camera. She snapped some family photos and we realised that we all had brown and gold on! Aaron is always wearing his Hawthorn gear at the moment and Jalen wanted to wear his Hawks t-shirt today, so of course Harri decided he had to wear his Hawthorn jumper as well! Looks like we are about to go to the footy.

The boys had great fun playing cards with Grandma. Harri kept saying 'I want to win!'.

It was a really nice afternoon and it was great to see Jared, Bec and Kels again. We miss them now they are living down south.

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  1. Wow, I am so excited to get a mention on your blog, its my fifteen minutes of fame.



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