Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Some incredible things have happened over the past couple of weeks. Dad went to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago to see a specialist about a benign tumor that he has which has caused him to lose his hearing in one ear, and came back with a totally different problem! From the MRI that he had done, they found that he had fluid on the brain - hydrocephalus. The tumor and the fluid is totally unrelated - he was just the lucky one to have both :) Hydrocephalus is something that Noah probably should have - but doesn't! So many of the kids with hydran also have hydro so I knew all about it. When the neurosurgeon rang to tell Mum and I that Dad had hydrocephalus and that he needed a shunt, I couldn't believe it!

I just picked up Mum and Dad from the airport - they have spent the last 6 days in Melbourne so Dad could get a shunt put in. The shunt is draining the fluid from his brain into his stomach and is there permanently. Dad is surprisingly very good. He said he is in a bit of pain but he seemed very happy and said that he is feeling better already - not as tired and he also seemed happier - or 'chirpier' as Mum puts it.

I saw Mum with her big coat as she got off the plane and then saw Dad - but didn't think it was him. I thought it was some Indian guy with a turban on, and wondered why Mum was walking next to some Indian guy! I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Dad. Mum seems more tired than Dad does - she has had to walk to and from the hospital to a unit she was staying at all week. Dad isn't allowed to do any lifting for a little while.

The funniest thing was that Jalen's teacher in Primary asked him on Sunday how 'Pop' was (meaning my Dad) as she had heard he had gone to Melbourne for the shunt. Jalen calls my grandfather Pop - so he assumed that she meant him. Pop hasn't been very well, so Jalen goes 'yeah he is good - he isn't dead yet!'. She cracked up laughing as she realised that he was talking about my Pop - and hopefully not my Dad!

Noah was really happy to see them when they came in. He looked straight over at Mum when she talked to him and gave her a big smile - no brain huh!?

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  1. Please pass our warmest regards to Nick and hope he is feeling 100% soon. I still remember when he was our Branch President in Devonport almost 30 years ago.


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