Saturday, 25 August 2007

Talent Night

Last night for the Stake Conference weekend activity, we had a talent night. It was a lot of fun and there were some great acts. Not sure if I would class all of them as talent, but we had some good laughs. It was great to see different people there and to catch up.

Harri with his best mate Jake

It was nice to see Nicki, Alex and Maddi also. Maddi was very interested in Noah.

Instead of saving the best till last, they decided to put the best act first - the East Ward RS choir. Notice that I'm not in it - wanted to keep it the best act! :) I had actually never practiced the song with them, and was happy to just sit back and enjoy the night.

I would have to say that the most original and funniest act of the night was the Prebble family with their very funny version of Bohemian Rhapsody. It was all about how the rest of the family didn't want to sing with Scott as he always ruins everything they do. It was a classic.

The Elders Quorum from our ward did a very funny version of the TV show - 'Antique Roadshow'. Aaron did a great job of standing there and filling up space on the stage! :)

Devonport Ward did the haka and dragged some unsuspecting men up to join in at the end which was a great laugh. Jared did a great job!

The YM/YW from East Ward showed off their cool dance moves. Monique, Sam and Danika were surprisingly great gansta's! They looked awesome with their bling on :)

Our Primary kids did a cute little skit about monkeys stealing hats and Harri just had to be in it too. He almost missed out on a hat and I could see the look on his face - the tears were about to start. He yells out 'where's my hat!?' and in the meantime Jay had already started to grab one for him as he saw he had missed out. Everyone cracked up laughing and everyone asked us afterwards if it was actually set up, but it wasn't at all.

The YSA did a awesome rocked up version of Advance Australia Fair to the tune of 'Working Class Man' by Jimmy Barnes.

It was a very late night - we didn't end up getting home till after 10pm so we are paying for it today with Harri, but it was heaps of fun.

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  1. hey Lisa are the best photographer...just love the Talent Night shots.... we have taken a couple to put on the MY SPACE for the YSA
    just love my Noah....MMwahhhh


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