Thursday, 30 August 2007

Pulling Out The Big Guns!

Today was the Jitterbug's basketball team's last game of the winter season. We get a three week break and then after the school holidays we are back into it again. Jalen told me in the van on the way to basketball that tonight he was 'pulling out the big guns'! The week before he didn't have a great game and he told me that last week he only 'pulled out the medium guns'! He is such a crack up.

During the half hour practice before the game he had two injuries resulting in tears. I kept telling him that I get hurt in basketball every week but you have to keep going - you can't give up and cry or you miss half the game. He just said 'but it really hurts Mum'! Poor old Jay isn't very resilient.

He was very happy with the game in the end as he scored three goals. He really did pull out the 'big guns' as he was right in the action the whole game - probably why he kept getting injured all the time. For the end of the winter season each player got a special certificate and ribbon. Jay was very proud of it.

Henry, Jalen and Sophie (from Jay's class at school)

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  1. What is it with you Tasmanians and basketball?! Eden wants our children to play, but I'm not sure if they will have the height :)
    "Pulling out the big guns," I can't wait for our children to drop precious gems like that one.
    Say congratulations to Jalen for us.


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