Friday, 17 August 2007

Footy Trip

Aaron has been VERY excited over the past week. This morning he left home at 4.30am to go to Melbourne for the weekend with the school footy trip. This is his third year in a row he has gone and most likely his last. Not many teachers get to go three years running.

I asked him on Wednesday if he was getting excited and he said to not talk about it as he would get too excited and didn't want to think about it too much - at least not until he had finished work on Thursday! He is like a kid at Christmas time!

They have taken 29 students from grades 9 and 10 and there are three teachers. All the kids that they take are very responsible, so they don't usually have any behaviour problems, so it is a really fun trip.

Aaron has been in charge of organising it the past two years. This year instead of going to the zoo they wanted to go somewhere different. Last year when I was in Melbourne with Noah for treatment I saw someone walking around the mall with an 'AFL World' bag. I had never heard of it before and told Aaron about it when I got home, so we looked it up on the net. It looked like heaps of fun, so Aaron decided that this year they would take the kids there instead of the zoo. He just rang me not long ago and was at AFL World and said it was 'awesome' and the kids were having a great time.

Everyday they get to go shopping. Tonight they are going to watch Melbourne V Collingwood at the MCG, tomorrow they go to Essendon V Carlton at the MCG and on Sunday they see Kangaroos V Geelong at Telstra Dome. Aaron was funny as he said he was going to be buying a little FM radio while he was there so he could listen to the Hawthorn game, while they are watching Kangaroos and Geelong on Sunday. The other years the trip has been planned so that they can actually watch a Hawthorn game, but this year he said that the games were all blockbusters so he didn't care that they wouldn't see Hawthorn play.

It is funny as all the kids know that he goes for Hawthorn and are always stirring him. Last year when I went to pick him up the kids were all giving it to him about Hawthorn. So I'm stuck home alone for the weekend. He always comes back really tired and has to go straight back to work on Monday morning. That is what he gets for volunteering to go shopping and watch the footy!

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