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We are very lucky to have a great friend - Naomi, who is also our chiropractor. Over 4 years ago Noah's physio therapist suggested that we take Noah to a chiropractor as she had heard that he had helped a lot of children who had cerebral irritation. Noah often is very cranky - especially as a baby, and we were desperate to find something that would make him happier.

We rang the chiropractor that she suggested, but they told me that he had about a 6 month waiting list. I put our name on the waiting list and waited, and waited and waited....... Finally after about 9 months I rang them back and reminded them we had been waiting for 9 months and the receptionist said she would get back to me. She rang me back the next day and said that the chiropractor that we had wanted to see was too busy to see us, but that he had other chiropractors who worked for him and one of the other chiropractors had offered to see Noah - this was Naomi.

Noah first went to see Naomi when he was almost 3 years old. She explained that their technique was a little different to other chiropractors that we had already been to, and that they use a technique called Sacro-Occipital Technique. The easiest way to explain it is that it is about improving the overall function of the body using gentle techniques. It isn't the usual 'back cracking' stuff that I used to think of when I thought about chiropractors.

At our first appointment she told us what it was all about and she then adjusted Noah. She said she wanted to see him regularly - probably once a week or once a fortnight and she said she understood that it would cost a lot of money for us to do this, so she said she would see Noah for free! We couldn't believe how lucky we were. She told us that she really believed it would help Noah and that it was important for him to come regularly. So Noah has seen Naomi now for about 4 years - it started off as once a fortnight, then once a week and now Noah goes twice a week.

Naomi's partner - Jason also worked at the same clinic as her and about a year after we started to see her, they both left to open up their own clinic together - the clinic is called 'Equilibrium'. This is the perfect name for it, as that is how it helps you to feel when are adjusted - very balanced and stable.

We have seen a HUGE difference in his health since he started going to her - the main one is that he now gets over illnesses a lot quicker, he is a lot more settled than he used to be and he doesn't get sick as often. Aaron and I also started to see Naomi a few years ago and we know how much better we feel after an adjustment, so we feel so blessed that Noah can go to her twice a week as we know how much it must help him to feel good too.

Harri and Jalen have also been to her, and Jay always asks 'can I have a turn today?' as he says it makes him feel better too. I'm sure she helped Harri to be a more settled baby and sleep through the night early on. I wish I got to take Jalen to her when he was a baby!!

Whenever Aaron and I feel sick or run down the first thing we think of is to see Naomi. It is hard to explain to people how going to a chiropractor makes you feel better if you aren't well - as most people just think of them as helping you with a sore back. Naomi has helped Aaron to get rid of most of his migraines that he used to get very regularly. Whenever I have a cold or am rundown I always get an adjustment and feel better a lot sooner than I would have normally. Lifting Noah all the time isn't good for my back (yes I know I should be using the stupid hoist more!) so I am lucky to have Naomi when my back is playing up.

We now consider Naomi our great friend, more than our chiropractor. She sees Noah at her house once a week, and also at the clinic once a week. She has also come to adjust Noah while he has been in hospital and also at our own home. In the Summer, Naomi and Jason have let us use their pool whenever we want - even when they aren't home. They know it will help Noah relax and also that the boys will have fun. Both Naomi and Jason are so generous and give up a lot of their time to see people after hours and on weekends. They both really want to just help people be as healthy as possible.

Naomi is now pregnant with her second baby. Her first son - Keanu will be turning two in a couple of weeks. Keanu is often at the clinic in the waiting room playing when we go for our appointments, and when we walk in he calls out 'Noah!' very excitedly. He loves playing with the boys and even gets the activator and gives Noah a tap with it from time to time :) No doubt he will also become a chiropractor like his Mum and Dad.

I have referred a lot of our friends to see Naomi and Jason and today we were very excited to see one of them - Nicole, at the clinic. It was nice to know that Nicole still sees Naomi. She used to be Noah's 'In Home Support Worker' about 3 and a half years ago. She was so great with Noah and also became our good friend. Unfortunately for us she finished her degree at uni and started teaching at Early Learning, which is an early intervention program for children with disabilities or additional needs, so we don't see her very often now.

We hadn't seen her for a long time, so it was great to run into her today and also to see how much her kids have grown. Manoa was only a toddler when she worked for us and we hadn't seen Kalani since she was a baby.

I had planned on taking my camera today so I could take some photos of Naomi adjusting Noah, so I was excited when Nicole was also there! Aaron was stirring me about being the papparrazzi - taking photos in the waiting room. Lucky we go there a lot and everyone knows us well :)

So if anyone needs a good chiropractor you know now where to go - you just have to wait for 3-4 months to get in!

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  1. Lisa,
    Does Naomi ever come to Melbourne to do treatments or can she recommend someone here? I am soooo over chrisitan's asthma...



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