Thursday, 2 August 2007

Noah's Big Day

Today was a big day for Noah. Before Noah started school I used to take him to hydro-therapy one afternoon a week. Now that he is at school full time he always goes swimming on a Tuesday at the pool at Newstead Heights School (the special school), but we have just arranged that he will also get to go for an extra swim on Thursday mornings as well. They are all set up for kids with disabilities with hoists to get them in and out of the pool safely.

On Tuesday it is a 'physio swim' which is when a physio therapist is also in the pool with him and they do lots of stretches etc. The session with the PT is usually only about 15 mins or so.

On Thursday's his aide - Di gets into the pool with him. The aim of the swim on Thursday is to just give him some extra time for relaxation and also to also do stretches with him as he is always easier to stretch in the pool. Because Noah has a full time aide he is able to stay in the pool for up to an hour on Thursday's. The pool is so warm - just like a bath. The temperature is always set at 32 degrees.

Sometimes he is so relaxed in the pool that he even falls asleep! We are so happy that he now gets to go swimming twice a week. Today I stayed to watch him swim and it really hit me how important it is for kids with cerebral palsy to have hydro-therapy. All the kids who were in the pool are all in wheelchairs and you could just see how much looser they were in the pool as they kicked their legs and splashed and had big smiles on their faces. At the end of the swim a maxi-taxi comes to pick Di and Noah up, to take them back to school at Punchbowl which the school is paying for.

While I was out today Di texted me to say that Noah had lost a tooth! I knew he had a couple of loose teeth, but didn't realise that they were loose enough to fall out yet. When I went to pick him up I was very surprised that the tooth that came out wasn't even one that was very loose! Di said she saw some blood on his lips and she went to wipe it away and his tooth came out!! He looks so cute with it out. We are all excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight, especially Jalen who just asked if he can have the money from the tooth fairy! We all know how good Noah is at sharing but this time at least he can use the money for something. He is usually only good at sharing food! :)

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