Thursday, 30 August 2007

Male Models

Tonight was the Kings Meadows High School's fashion parade (yes - we have had a busy night tonight - plus I played basketball too!). Aaron has been organising it with the Prefects for a little while now. Two of the Prefect girls have actually been planning it all year, but the past couple of weeks it has been full on organising and practicing for it, so Aaron has been home later than usual. Aaron is the Prefect Co-Ordinator which means he has a lot of extra responsibilities.

Aaron and the other teachers were the 'surprise act'. Aaron came out on his own, dressed as a 'street baller' (supposedly that is what they call themselves - I think I am getting old!). He said there are a bunch of guys at school who come dressed half in school uniform and half in basketball gear. He was very funny and everyone was cracking up laughing. He came out posing and carrying on like the students do.

The MC on the mic was a student and he pretended to be a teacher and kept saying 'put that mobile phone away Kingy' and Aaron kept talking back to him like a student saying 'but I'm just turning it off!', and 'but my Mum is going to text me!'

Then he just had to go and flash his Hawthorn boxers! Everyone just about wet themselves laughing. Jay thought it was hilarious and kept saying 'Dad is the funniest'!.

A group of other teachers then came out all dressed in school uniform and acted like students too. It was very funny.

After the parade had finished I had lots of staff and some parents come up to me and talk to me about Aaron. One parent was saying how great he had been for her son and how her son loved having him and loved his sense of humor. One staff member came up and said 'you are the poor woman married to Aaron then'!? I laughed and she said 'no actually- he brightens up the place'. I can only imagine! The students gave him a box of chocolates to thank him for all the help that he had given them to organise the parade. They were very yummy - I don't think he even got half of them ;)

When the fashion parade was over, Jay and Harri decided it was their turn to do some modeling. They had all the moves - lots of different poses and they strutted their stuff up and down the cat walk.

There was even a change of clothes in the middle!

Everyone was clapping them which encouraged them even more. I told everyone they were just like their Dad and they all agreed! :)


  1. You have had a busy night.
    Aaron sounds like the type of teacher that we need more of :)

  2. what a hoot!! Wish I could have seen it!!


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